Impero’s top 3 time-saving network management tools for school IT administrators

Not long ago, Coffee County Schools in Manchester, Tenn., had an IT department operating and monitoring 4,500 computers on multiple platforms in 10 locations — with only two techs. Then, the district started talking about adding more devices. It was going to be nearly impossible to maintain them all.

This is a familiar story for many school IT professionals as more technology enters the landscape of the school district they manage. How do you be in 10 places at once? How do you update thousands of devices without interrupting learning? How do you help teachers keep kids on task while ensuring their safety and allowing them to have all the tools they need?

Impero Education Pro would like to offer up these top three software features to solve those problems and help you keep your sanity:

  1. Remote Control Abilities

Impero Education Pro incorporates a remote control and support feature that allows IT admins to take control of a user’s computer. This way, the admins can troubleshoot problems, install software and assist users without the hassle of traveling to their location. This feature saves valuable time, enhances learning and ensures things run smoothly across school networks at all times.

Luke Reagor, network administrator at Stephenville Independent School District in Stephenville, Texas, said this about the remote control feature of Education Pro:

“Remote control is super handy and significantly faster than other solutions in the marketplace. Other technicians and I can remote tasks and support all seven campuses from a single location.”

Read the Stephenville School District case study here.

  1. Mimic Script Functions

Mimic Script is a feature that creates a script of keystrokes and sends them to remote computers, which allows admins to carry out tasks using the keyboard on multiple computers simultaneously. The built-in Save Script function allows you to load scripts to use at a later time. Mimic Script can be used for a multitude of tasks, such as setting new browser home pages and adding software keys to programs like Microsoft Office.

Director of Technology at Coffee County Schools and customer Randy Damewood said this about using the Mimic Script feature:

“We love using this function. For example, when using Chrome or Firefox, if Flash isn’t the newest version, a website won’t work. All of our computers are protected by SmartShield software, so in order to update the Flash plugins on the different browsers, we have to turn the SmartShield off on each device, then update it, then turn it back on. This made updating routinely very impractical. With Impero’s mimic Script function, we can remotely unprotect the lab, run scripts, perform updates on all the computers at the same time, and then turn the SmartShield back on. We now have a website for our IT guys that has lists of commonly used mimic scripts so they can search for what they need and get things up and running quickly. This makes updating extremely efficient.”

Read the Coffee County Schools case study here.

  1. Internet Safety Features

Impero Education Pro, designed alongside educators and school IT admin, is equipped with unmatched internet safety features that empower school admins to safeguard students. Admins can protect them from potential online risks using keyword detection, blocks and filters fused with acceptable use policies. Real-time monitoring, live screen capture and alerts expose violations; this allows administrators to prevent and address issues such as suicidal language, pornography and bullying.

Jim Britt, technology director at Independent School District in Bowie, Texas, recently shared with us this powerful anecdote about using Education Pro’s Internet safety monitoring features:

“We caught a kid at our alternative education campus; he was looking at porn images. He had the image size down real small, so he was blocking the instructor’s view. But we’re like, ‘Hey, let’s just call over there and tell them ol’ Freddy-boy is doing it again.’ [Without Impero] You can’t see what everybody’s doing. You think you’re seeing it, but kids are so smart. They’re sneaky, but they’re smart. They can figure out how to get around whatever roadblock you’re trying to throw. Now that we have Impero, we can prevent kids from doing that.”

Find Bowie ISD’s case study here.

More features means more time well spent

Along with the three software functions mentioned above, Impero Education Pro provides a plethora of helpful, time-saving software features that make life easier for school IT administrators, teachers and students. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out more case studies from some of the school district leaders using our software.

By the way, Randy Damewood how happy to report, “Now, [that we have Impero] we have three IT techs, but just one of them can update all eight of our middle school computer labs at one time in just minutes.”

To learn more about about Impero Education Pro’s helpful features, check out our product page or get in touch.

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