set up

scoping session

We’ll kick-start an all-inclusive session, which can be delivered remotely or on site, depending on your requirements. We’ll then get to know how you work, how you want to work, and get a feel of your situation, to provide us with all the essential information needed for the next phase.

readiness assessment

This next step will center on a readiness assessment with one of our dedicated consultants, to enable us to establish any custom requirements. This tailored consultancy is designed to ensure we fully understand what you need, so we can deliver exactly what you want.


At this final point, we’ll configure your seamless sign in system, set you up and train you how to manage it, then allow you realize the savings and efficiency gains. It’s a simple solution, and the implementation is hassle-free too. You’ll be on your way to cloud-based working in no time.

ongoing support

Our support team has a first-class reputation and is always on hand to help if you have any issues or questions along the way.

And of course, because we ventured on the journey towards cloud-based learning together, we’ll continue our partnership with you, to help deliver the best from your online educational resources.