colleges and higher education

A new academic year brings new challenges for technology directors, responsible for managing large college and higher education networks. As a host of new students enroll in the next stage of their education, there are thousands of user accounts to create and maintain across the network. This is a lengthy admin task that demands a large sum of a technology director’s time.

When it comes to managing each network user’s unique identity, duplicated information, managed by various processes can make room for error. Taking a college’s MIS data, YouID Entity automatically populates user accounts in Active Directory for user provisioning. If data changes need to be made, these can be tracked and updated automatically, and YouID Entity helps to manage and maintain this through re-mapping and workflows.

YouID Entity reduces the workload for busy technology directors by adopting the time-consuming tasks associated with managing network user identities. YouID Entity provides solutions for seamless sign in synchronization for colleges and higher education networks.

For Office 365 users, YouID Entity provides and maintains synchronicity between MIS, AD and O365 environments.