middle and high schools

Making life simple is what YouID Access does best. An evolution of traditional single sign-on software, Impero’s developed seamless sign in software in for middle and high schools: a single entry point to all applications.

Using just one password and one login, students are provided with access to everything they need to work online. Students no longer need to worry about remembering multiple passwords; login is simple and completing homework a breeze.

The approved apps section allows teachers to limit the applications students can access, and when, saving time and focusing learning.

With YouID Access, time-consuming administrative tasks often associated with password management are a problem of the past. Password reset and account provisioning can be automated, reducing the workload of these repetitive duties for technology directors.

YouID Access cloud sign in software supports a range of educational apps like Moodle, Drupal and Office 365, as more and more schools moved to online and cloud-based learning.


Impero YouID Access cloud sign in for middle and high schools

School technology directors and administrators can utilize key components: single sign-in, seamless sign-off, password management, centralized admin console, centralized monitoring, intelligent reporting, role-based provisioning, portal personalization, application library, browser compatibility, device compatibility and form-based authentication.

YouID in action


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