career and technical education

For students in career and technical education programs, online learning requirements are vast. Remote access and offsite virtual studies become prevalent, as does the need for cloud-based applications to enable research and project delivery.

YouID Access cloud seamless sign in software supports these highly technical environments’ virtual learning requirements. With instant access to all online applications needed for online working, the YouID Access portal removes the difficulties associated with multiple logins.

The time-consuming nature of password management admin is a huge burden for technology directors in career and technical schools. With YouID Access, daily activities such as password reset and account provisioning can be automated, relieving technology directors of the strain of these tasks.


Impero YouID Access cloud sign in for higher education

YouID Access supports the most popular educational cloud-based applications. The seamless sign in software in for career and technical education  has been developed specifically to help keep up with the changing online learning environment. Our app library is continuously expanding, so if there’s a specific application that you would like us to support, get in touch and we can add it.

YouID in action


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