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In today’s elementary schools, teachers are using more applications to exploit the opportunities of online learning than ever before. But when young students have a plethora of educational resources at their fingertips, they also have a multitude of passwords to remember. And this is where problems can occur.

With YouID Access seamless sign in software for elementary schools, gone are the days of racking brains trying to remember multiple passwords. With just one password to remember, students have fast and easy access to all the tools they need for online working from anywhere with an internet connection. Gone are the days are excuses for not completing homework, with simple and speedy login.

Automated password and account provisioning saves time and simplifies arduous administrative duties, reducing the repetitive load of these tasks for media center coordinators.

As elementary schools continue to embrace digital learning across the curriculum, the resources young students have access to needs to be managed. Whether it’s Bug Club, My Maths or VevoJunior, these applications prove ever popular for this age group, as do learning platforms such as Fronter.


Impero YouID Access cloud sign in for elementary schools

Using YouID Access cloud sign in software, schools can support a range of educational cloud-based applications. Dedicated sections for approved apps allows teachers to control usage and ensure internet safety, ultimately focusing learning.


YouID in action


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