colleges and higher education

Higher education demands better quality online learning for students. Independent learning and remote access increases – and so does the use of cloud-based resources to aid research and inform assignment tasks.

As vast education institutions continue to transition over to this virtual learning environment, YouID Access seamless sign software in for colleges and higher education is on hand to support every step of the way. An intuitive portal allows students to instantly access all the applications they require with just one password, erasing the hassle of multiple logins.

Technology directors are tasked with a wide range of administrative duties, which can be time-consuming, particularly when running a busy network. Password reset and account provisioning tasks can be automated using YouID Access, designed to lessen the burden of these repetitive tasks.

Impero YouID Access cloud sign in for career and technical education

YouID Access supports the most used educational cloud-based applications and has been purposely developed to address the changing requirements of online learning, We’re adding to our app library on a daily basis, so if there’s a specific application that you would like us to support, contact us and we’ll add it.

YouID in action


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