school districts

For school districts with large campuses and limited funding, IT support may be handled by a district IT department consisting of just a few team members. In districts with multiple school buildings, programs, and needs, IT providers must ensure that they have the correct tools to support a diverse and expanding user base efficiently. Central Office based IT teams will often manage all schools within a district remotely across a single network. In other instances they will support multiple networks over an internet connection. In both cases district level IT professionals will also need remote access to any connected supporting organizations such as preschools, counselling centers and other resources, on an ad hoc basis.

Sometimes the technology designed to enable this type of set-up isn’t up to par. And this can be frustrating for all parties. Perhaps there’s not enough user licenses to support the demand. Maybe low bandwidth weakens the connection. Are server issues breaking the connection? The list is endless, and with an increased focused on student engagement, the need to adhere to standards and improve test scores

Whatever the set-up, it’s frustrating for everyone involved if the technology enabling this remote support service isn’t up to par: Not enough user licenses to support demand, low bandwidth weakening the connection, server issues breaking the connection. The list goes on and on. With the ever increasing pressure to keep students engaged, meet standards and improve test scores, there is no time for technical interruption.

This is where Impero Remote Manager can help. A remote access software solution, Impero Remote Manager enables technical teams to assist users with day-to-day problems, fix issues for staff and students alike, demonstrate a task or solution, and offer real-time assistance; all from the comfort of their desk.

Impero Remote Manager uses hybrid cloud technology – handling data over a local connection when possible and switching to a cloud server when necessary, so organizations benefit from the best of both worlds. Technical teams can support all schools and organizations with in their district, wherever and whenever is required.


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