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Are you wasting energy and money? Impero’s Education Pro power management software features can help.

In today’s economy, don’t turn a blind eye to rising energy bills. Don’t let them reach excessive levels, not when there’s a simple solution at hand. Unmonitored devices left powered on overnight or over the weekend are responsible for those huge masked IT-related costs. As budgets remain stagnant, it’s never been more crucial to ensure computer usage is effectively monitored and managed.

Stepping up on reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a green future is somewhere on every institution’s list. It’s not acceptable to continue draining our limited natural resources, and this shared responsibility across the globe means a new approach needs to be considered.

Impero Education Pro features a sophisticated power management functionality allowing control over power usage from a centralized location. A comprehensive variety of reports enables schools and colleges to track savings and facilitate better efficiency. With schools, colleges and districts required to put forward business cases, it’s good to know that Impero Education Pro customers typically realize a return on investment through the power management feature alone.

key elements of Impero Education Pro’s computer power management software features:

  • schedule power on/off
  • set rules for hibernation, standby and shutdown
  • monitor and report usage and idle time
  • customize power policies by device/location/user
  • produce desktop utilization reports
  • customize reports on energy and cost analysis
  • export reports to CSV or PDF
  • identify potential cost savings
  • manage centrally within group structure
  • customize access to policies by group
  • detect and exclude applications
  • report on the overall cost of wasted energy
  • view comparative reports

For all the super technical information about Impero Education Pro’s power management software solutions, download the technical datasheet. Alternatively you can call our team today on 877-883-4370 or request a Free Trial today.



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