patch management software

Is your school’s network and software up-to-date and secure? Impero Education Pro’s patch management software feature can help.

As more and more students, teachers and administration staff store data on the network, device security becomes increasingly essential in minimizing risk. Keeping on top of software updates, across all the machines on a network, can be an extremely time-consuming, not to mention erroneous, task.

what is a software patch?

Software that is not up to date can cause network vulnerability, potentially allowing security breaches as well as downtime. Fail to patch the latest version of anti-virus software, for example, and expose the network to all sorts of virtual nastiness.

Impero Education Pro comes with a quick and easy patch management software feature*, designed to strengthen endpoint security. Automatically patching all vulnerable software, to the latest version, also saves valuable staff hours from the laborious manual download process.

patch management software features of Impero Education Pro:

  • keep systems updated and free from vulnerabilities
  • report on missing patches, events and inventory
  • reduce admin burden through automated policies
  • schedule by time and date
  • view centrally through an intuitive dashboard interface
  • patch both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications
  • use the Wake-on-LAN, Patch and Shutdown service
  • prevent the risk of viruses
  • strengthen endpoint security

For more information about the minimum technical specification requirements for Impero Education Pro, click here to download the technical datasheet.

*Patch management is an optional add-on feature available with Impero Education Pro.



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