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Are you integrating mobile devices into your school’s classrooms? Keep your students safe with mobile device monitoring.

The rise in popularity of iPads and Chromebooks and other handheld and laptop devices has created a huge shift in the teaching landscape. As schools continue to adopt iOS and Google technology into the classroom, expanded opportunities are offered for learning. With that, educators and IT administrators are also faced with the challenges associated with tech-integration.

The focus on 1-to-1 models and BYOD schemes, and the adoption of iPads and Chromebooks provide infinite opportunities to use technology in more sophisticated ways to meet the needs of students while the enhancing the learning experience. Some of the many benefits of devices in classrooms are instant access to research, a host of resources available at students’ fingertips, and better mobility. The adoption of devices in classrooms also poses challenges to instruction such as keeping students engaged, and monitoring usage of apps and websites.

To address these challenges while facilitating engagement, learning, and management, Impero Education Pro provides mobile device monitoring software across iPads, Chromebooks and other devices, so educators can retain control while embracing devices as valuable learning tools.



key features of Education Pro’s mobile device monitoring software for iPads, Chromebooks & more

  • view live thumbnails in real-time
  • broadcast the teacher’s PC on all classroom devices
  • launch websites for the entire class
  • send messages or chat
  • broadcast student screens to everyone
  • seamless integration with Active Directory (Chromebook only)
  • remote control (Chromebook only)
  • lock screens to focus attention (Chromebook only)
  • block/allow specified websites (Chromebook only)
  • enable or disable internet access (Chromebook only)
  • save screenshots (Chromebook only)
  • monitor applications, html & URLs (Chromebook only)

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