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Are your school or college students safe on the Internet?

New technology in education is here to stay. From online learning and digital communications to social media and cloud-based applications, the opportunities are countless. It’s easy to get carried away striving to make the most of online advantages, but have you considered the fundamental risks that the online learning environment exposes? Step in Impero Education Pro’s internet safety software features.

To ensure the success of online learning and support a safe environment, it’s vital that schools are fully prepared: do you have a solid e-safety policy in place, and the tools to enforce it? Whether it’s the risk of students accessing inappropriate images, cyberbullying, radicalization or grooming, the list of alarming stories goes on and on.

Impero Education Pro has been specifically designed with an intelligent internet safety features that provide internet safety for schools. Schools are empowered to safeguard students from potential online risk using keyword detection, blocks and filters fused with acceptable use boundaries. Real-time monitoring and alerts exposes violations, which serves to prevent incidents materializing in the first instance.

safeguarding & internet safety software features of Impero Education Pro:

  • prevent access to unsuitable sites
  • prevent unauthorized use of proxy sites
  • enforce acceptable usage policy
  • create key word libraries for real-time detection
  • monitor using specialist built-in key word libraries
  • determine potential risk through key word glossaries with explanations
  • create different policies depending on severity
  • capture time stamped screen shots of every violation
  • add screenshots to log viewer report
  • record on-screen activity and specify recording length to capture misuse
  • export violations with details and images to PDF
  • provide evidence of misconduct from a centralized log to support disciplinary action
  • alert the relevant authority when rules are violated
  • apply policies and filters to laptops when disconnected from the network
  • log and monitor all web activity
  • allow students to anonymously report concerns using the Confide system

For all the super technical information about Impero Education Pro’s e-safety and cyber safety software features, download the technical datasheet.



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