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Are you using your school hardware efficiently? Impero Education Pro’s desktop management utilization software features can help.

The rise of computers and tablets in education is rapidly on the increase. You’ll find them across classrooms, media centers and libraries in addition to admin offices and open access areas. Throw in the latest trend, mobility, and you have laptops, Chromebooks, smart phones and tablet usage to consider. The question is, do you know how much existing hardware is currently used? And could equipment be better optimised with a simple desktop reshuffle?

Wasted equipment means wasted time and money. When budgets are already being stretched thin, it’s crucial that education institutions maximise the usage of existing equipment before further investment is made.

Impero Education Pro includes a desktop management software feature for reporting on the utilization patterns of devices across networks. Who’s doing what, and where? Where are the usage hotspots? The desktop management feature tracks this activity, informing procurement decisions and maximizing equipment usage.

key elements of Education Pro’s desktop utilization and management capabilities:

  • report on the utilization of devices across the network
  • identify usage hotspots and resource accordingly
  • track who’s doing what and where
  • monitor desktop utilization patterns throughout the day
  • move computers around to optimize usage
  • track the power usage of idle machines
  • manage the utilization of open access areas
  • reserve desktops using web-based room booking solution
  • inform efficient procurement strategies
  • back up budgeting decisions

For all the super technical information about Impero Education Pro’s desktop management software solutions, download the technical datasheet.

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