computer & PC monitoring software

How do you know who’s been doing what on your school network?

Schools nowadays are more accountable than ever. This means that education institutions from K-12 to college require a stronger hold on control and better monitoring of the digital classroom. A powerful computer monitoring function in place encourages schools to make informed choices, ultimately saving time, reducing resource and minimizing costs.

Allow the digital learning environment to flourish using Impero Education Pro’s computer & PC monitoring software feature. Set flexible access limits at individual, group or network level to ensure users are restricted or monitored when navigating the web, using applications or with regards to hardware storage.

All network of activity is stored in a centralized log, providing a detailed history of power usage, print reports, violations, and memory and CPU usage. With access to this comprehensive account of information, education institutions such as elementary schools can make better decisions, aiding efficient IT and network operations.

computer monitoring software features:

  • compatible with PC and Mac
  • view live thumbnails of all network computers
  • assign user role and access rights to individuals and/or group
  • restrict internet, application and hardware storage
  • report on all aspects of network usage by user or computer
  • record on-screen activity to capture good or bad behavior
  • monitor usage patterns to identify popular sites and applications
  • alert the relevant authority when rules are violated
  • provide evidence of misconduct from a centralized log to support disciplinary action
  • identify hardware that needs replacing
  • extend the life of hardware that simply needs cleaning
  • highlight CPU anomalies to help detect viruses

For all the super technical information about Impero Education Pro’s school computer monitoring software features, download the technical datasheet.



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