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Are you up to speed when it comes to classrom management software?

As computer labs and virtual classrooms replace the traditional teaching space, it’s clear that education technology has realized a new surge in usage. Now schools at all levels are recognising an urgency to modernize the learning environment.

Online learning methods offer endless opportunities for both teachers and students, yet they also present a number of challenges. A classroom full of eager students, with fingertips, can lose focus on the task at hand.

Class management lies at the heart of Impero Education Pro, designed to provide teachers with greater, hands-on control over the digital classroom. Even teachers with eagle eyes never have a full bird’s-eye-view of the entire classroom and this is where Education Pro can help. Impero Education Pro offers real-time visibility of every user’s device (including Chromebooks), in one single, central view.

key elements of Impero Education Pro class management software:

  • broadcast teacher screen to all or selected students
  • broadcast student screen to others
  • block websites, folders, applications and hardware
  • block translated websites
  • block games from the classroom
  • disable internet access, USB ports, sound and printers
  • track encrypted or unlisted USBs
  • blank screens and lock mouse/keyboard
  • monitor progress through task lists, exams and quick questions
  • help and assist students remotely
  • create multiple grouping structures based on specified criteria
  • send and collect multiple files to and from different computers
  • send instant messages to students for private communication

For all the super technical information about Impero Education Pro’s class management software features, download the technical datasheet.



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