standardized testing online

How to overcome problems with standardized testing online ASAP

Do you remember the simpler days when all tests were completed with a pen and paper? If only utilizing standardized testing online was this simple.

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top 6 classroom management solutions to end digital distractions

Top 6 classroom management solutions to end digital distractions

To help bring classroom control back into the hands of the teacher, with the help of the classroom management features included in Education Pro, we’ve put together 6 classroom management solutions for those everyday digital distractions.

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4 positive ways to teach good digital citizenship

Teaching students to have good digital citizenship is more than just teaching them basic internet safety. When students use the internet, social media and online apps, they become members of communities of online users. In communities, whether online or off, students need to be taught the rules of being a good “citizen.” Teaching good digital…

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Impero awarded Best Companies 'Outstanding' accreditation

Impero awarded Best Companies ‘Outstanding’ accreditation

This month we’re delighted to announce that Impero has been awarded an ‘Outstanding’ Best Companies accreditation for workplace engagement.

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How monitoring student devices prevents & addresses racial & religious bullying online in schools

“Go back to your country!” This phrase, when used to insult an immigrant or someone of another race, infers that the recipient of the phrase should be sent away. Taking measures to address the use of phrases like this when said aloud to other students during school is a no-brainer. But what if students are…

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