Impero gives tips for effective classroom management

We all know enforcing effective classroom management methods can be a difficult task — with the class clowns causing commotion and the chatting girl group in the corner. It can often be hard to control and manage students. To that end, it can also be difficult to give them a fun, interactive lesson that maintains their focus.

For this reason, classroom management that involves technology is a huge priority for teachers. Incorporating technology into classroom management can help students (and educators) manage time and allow the teacher to entertain and hold a students attention while educating them. In some cases, technology can even intervene in situations regarding a student’s behavior before it escalates. In other words, technology in the classroom can serve as a method of support. And who doesn’t need support when they’re surrounded by a group of easily distracted and fun-loving teenagers?

Our classroom management ideas are helpful and a great refresher for educators who are getting prepped to go back to school teaching. Here are the highlights we gathered from teachers who use technology to the best of its ability in their classrooms.

Classroom management ideas involving tech

  • Lock screens — This function empowers teachers and provides them with the control to lock both individual and entire classroom screens. Having this feature facilitates effective classroom management as teachers are able to gain the attention of their students and direct the lesson’s focus onto the next task or discussion.
  • Messaging capabilities — As many teachers know, student misbehavior is often a contributing factor to off-task discussions. Messaging features can enhance behavior management in classrooms. For example, a student who is encouraging distractions with students around them can be hushed or reminded to focus by the teacher directly through a chat feature. This not only allows the teacher to help the student re-focus, but it also helps minimize and control any behavioral issues before they become worse.
  • Broadcast Screen — The inclusion of broadcast screen features give teachers the ability to provide visual exemplifiers of both their screens and other students’ screens. This effective classroom management tool enables teachers to engage their students using innovative technology and create interactive lesson plans that will keep their pupils listening and interested.
  • Disable the internet — The Internet, with all of its amazing capabilities, can encourage students to misbehave and cause distractions. Tools such as the “disable Internet” button are effective for lessons that involve interaction with technological devices but don’t require access to any Internet sources. This allows teachers to teach and not waste time monitoring student computer activity.
  • Live thumbnails — Thumbnail features not only enforce management features in the classroom, but they also aid effective classroom management measures. Live thumbnail features allow teachers to remotely view what their students are viewing; this way, they can visualize who is on and off task.

At Impero, we understand the value of effective classroom management. A well managed classroom focuses on learning and growth. As technology improves and becomes more accessible in our classrooms, educators should embrace it as a form of management.

Our list above highlights what tech can do to help teachers manage their classrooms, but there are many more ideas out there, such as exam module tools and remote computer access features. Check out more features from Impero here! Technology has so many benefits for the teacher and his or her students. Before the school year begins, arm yourself with the best tools and watch as your classroom maintains focus and engagement with the help of technology.

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