how to stop mobile device management problems in the classroom

Does this sound familiar to you?

“If you look at the screens of kids in my class, you’ll likely find apps like Minecraft, Candy Crush, and don’t forget Netflix on mute with subtitles. School administrations basically play Internet whack-a-mole as they try to enforce firewalls and blocks that students continually find ways around.”

This quote came from Soraya Shockley, Baltimore teen and contributor to the Medium channel Bright. Soraya wrote, “A Teenager’s View on Education Technology.” She went on to explain, “The point is that tablets are unwieldy. If left unchecked by teachers, there’s no telling what kids are doing behind their screens.”

So, why are teachers and school IT administrators allowing young people to peruse the entertainment superhighway instead of engaging them in education? Simple – they don’t have a solution that works.

Enter Impero Education Pro.

With Impero’s solutions for iPads, teachers can view live thumbnails of tablet screens in real time. Want to nip the gaming in the bud? Pop up a student’s screen onto the overhead projector, or to all the other students. SURPRISE!

Got a kiddo surfing Twitter during a lecture or project? Launch a website for the entire class, or share the teacher’s screen on all the devices.

Really want to get through to a stubborn teen? Send a message or start a live chat after seeing what a student is wasting time on virtually.

The point? Blocking doesn’t keep kids from doing what they want to do. They will find ways around that. Constant looking over shoulders becomes a distracting game giving students power. Instead, monitoring behavior on tablets in classrooms makes students accountable and keeps them on their toes. Get Impero Education Pro and get PROACTIVE!

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