how Impero Education Pro supports the National Education Technology Plan

The National Education Technology Plan (NETP), laid out recently to align with the Activities to Support the Effective Use of Technology of Every Student Succeeds Act, provides a call to support a vision for technology-enabled learning. The plan proclaims that all students and educators have access to a robust and comprehensive infrastructure when and where they need it for learning.

The plan proposes the following essential components needed for an infrastructure capable of supporting transformational learning experiences:

  • Ubiquitous connectivity and persistent access to high-speed Internet, in and out of school
  • Powerful learning devices and access to mobile devices that connect learners and educators to the vast resources of the Internet while facilitating communication and collaboration
  • High-quality digital learning content and digital learning content tools used to design and deliver engaging and relevant learning experiences
  • Responsible Use Policies (RUPs) and guidelines to safeguard students and ensure that the infrastructure supports learning

To align with the above components, schools must invest in tools that facilitate success. The following explains how Impero Education Pro network management, classroom management and Internet safety software supports a transformational learning environment.

Ubiquitous connectivity and persistent access to high-speed Internet

Persistent access to the Internet in schools requires the ability to speedily detect and address connectivity issues. Education Pro’s remote control and support feature allows IT managers to provide instant support for technical issues such as Internet connectivity. This saves time and prevents interruptions to student learning. Additionally, Education Pro’s computer monitoring functions highlight CPU anomalies to help pesky viruses that can interrupt Internet connection.

Powerful learning devices that connect learners and educators to resources

To safely and effectively provide students with access to technological devices such as tablets and Chromebooks, there must be tools in place to both manage and facilitate the best use of them. The classroom management features of Education Pro allow educators to do just that.

With Education Pro, students communicate with teachers through the messaging feature. Teachers facilitate collaboration by projecting a student’s device onto a presentation screen or to other student devices. Additionally, teachers can see and connect with all devices in the classroom to ensure all students utilize resources for lesson goals.

High-quality digital content to deliver learning experiences

In addition to screen sharing and monitoring, Education Pro provides tools for teachers to deliver lessons through their classroom technology with ease. The quick exam feature gives teachers an easy way to assess learning outcomes of a digital lesson. Teachers can send and collect multiple files to and from student computers; this keeps class time efficient and focused. Education Pro also allows teachers to open up only specific URLs or apps for students and to block others during lesson time. This gives the instructor the ability to keep students on task and deter distractions.

RUPs to safeguard students

With technology comes digital citizenship. As schools create and carry out guidelines for safeguarding students using technology, the schools must also carry out the responsibility of teaching kids how to make the best use of these resources. Simply blocking and filtering out all websites and applications that could be a distraction does not educate students to have good digital citizenship. Instead, a monitored approach creates a safety net for dealing with distracting or potentially harmful situations should they arise.

Impero Education Pro is the only software that provides real-time student device monitoring, log viewer of URL and app usage and keyword detection. These key features create a safety net that allows students to access all digital resources — unless there is an issue that compromises this privilege. See how monitoring software works here.


We are no longer teaching students how to use technology. Instead, educators and administrators are responsible for teaching students to be good citizens while using that technology. In order to carry out this important, yet arduous task, a strong infrastructure must be put into place, as laid out in the National Education Technology Plan. Impero Education Pro provides a comprehensive suite of features that help schools support the transformational learning experiences that are our national goal.

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