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3 reasons to grab Impero’s Black Friday offer!

20th novembre 2017

Your emails are probably already starting to flood with deals, offers and discounts for Black Friday 2017. This year we’ll be releasing our best offer yet! We’re delighted to announce Impero’s Black Friday offer of 25% off any new business products – Black Friday 2017 starts now, tick tock.

why grab Impero’s Black Friday offer?

manage your mobile devices in the same way as your desktops

Impero’s Black Friday offer includes 25% off our education-specific mobile device management and BYOD solution, Impero EdLink. As mobile devices are adopted to enhance digital learning, and provide every student with access to the internet, having a centralised location to configure and manage these mobile devices is necessary. When used in conjunction with Impero Education Pro, our consolidated solution for network management, online safety and classroom management, monitoring and management of mobile devices can be completed in the same way as desktop computers.

keep your students safe

Impero Education Pro includes state-of-the-art safeguarding software to live monitor student devices across Windows, Macs, Chromebooks and iPads, to identify vulnerable students and educate students about responsible online behaviour. Alongside monitoring, Impero Education Pro captures online dangers through our keyword detection libraries, detecting dangers such as bullying, weapons and violence, sexual assault and more.

For multi-school sites, our optional add-on module for Impero Insight pulls Impero data into stunning, graphical reports from one or multiple servers allowing you to drill down to a granular level when required. These graphical reports allow multi-sites to compare, contrast and analyse data for all schools from a single view. Learn more about this here.

create focussed classrooms

The last reason to grab Impero’s Black Friday offer is to create focussed classrooms. Acceptable use policies, lock screens, mute sound, disable internet – just few of the features included in Impero Education Pro to keep your students focused in the classroom. Teachers can view student activity from multiple devices from a single view and keep students on track with ease.


To take advantage of Impero’s Black Friday offer this year, fill in the form here.


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