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higher education

By the time students hit higher education in the UK, they will be familiar with the use of IT to facilitate learning and support personal development across their university experience. It’s important that on reaching this next stage of their education, the quality and standard of computer-based learning steps up a gear. As subjects become more specialist and coursework more intense, the requirement for good research resources to support projects and dissertations, fast communication and good network security increases.

Our solutions are developed in partnership with a host of internationally-recognised charities and specialist organisations, including the IWF and SafeBAE, a charity co-founded by sexual assault survivors who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy, to ensure that we’re the first to respond to changes.

higher education

Impero Education Pro

Controlling a university computer suite full of young or mature adults, undergrads or post grads, all with different requirements, varied levels of understanding and a good knowledge of the distractions offered up from the online world, can be an impossible task. Keeping tech-savvy university students safe in this environment, amidst all the dangers and risks associated with online working, is the next challenge. And then there’s the heavy administrative task for university IT teams, managing a large and frequently changing network.

University students are more plugged into technology than ever before. That’s why it’s no surprise that they are still prone to online safety risks. From grooming and cyberbullying to identity theft and radicalisatio, Impero Education Pro features an extensive online safety functionality designed to highlight misuse of access or potential risk. Keyword detection highlights when terms, which could be an indicator of risk, are typed anywhere on the university’s network. And because we know keeping up with young people’s lingo is no mean feat, Education Pro’s keyword detection library provides a glossary of definitions to enable staff to put the terms into context.

Stretched budgets and the quest for a greener future means universities are required to start tightening the purse strings. Luckily, Impero Education Pro higher education software provides a seamless and consolidated solution that offers an innovative blend of online safety, classroom control and network admin tools. Rather than managing multiple support contracts for various products, plus the hassle associated with negotiating numerous renewals throughout the year, you’ll have just one to contend with. IT teams are afforded a comprehensive suite of IT admin tools, from the ability to track IT assets across the network, including inventory and software licences, deploy an MSI to all or selected devices, or remotely diagnose and fox IT issues across the network. Print and power management features are designed to help reduce unnecessary waste and energy consumption across the whole university network, by restricting printing and remotely scheduling machines to power off, or be set to hibernate/sleep.

So to save time, reduce risk and cut costs, Impero Education Pro is the only consolidated online safety, network management, and classroom management software solution that deals with everything in one centralised place.


Impero EdLink

Today’s university students will no doubt own both a smartphone and some form of mobile device – whether it’s a laptop or tablet, or often, both. Using these student-owned devices on campus for both personal and university work-related purposes means that a university has a duty of care to ensure their students, and their devices, are safe and secure. As tablets and mobile devices, from iPads to Chromebooks, become an increasingly popular tool for learner engagement,  universities are required to facilitate effective monitoring and control.

Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS, using EdLink alongside Education Pro enables universities to effectively support BYOD and 1:1 programmes, while protecting students and their devices. When used in conjunction with Education Pro, EdLink simplifies the general management of mobile devices; university IT teams can control device settings by pushing out actions in bulk, such as installations and updates, or enforcing safe search or forcing single application mode. With granular reporting, intelligent SSID, GPS and iBeacon technologies, Impero EdLink is designed to help universities protect their networks, mobile devices and, most importantly, their students.

Impero Insight

An advanced reporting and analytics tool, Impero Insight provides UK universities with access to a comprehensive overview of the university’s Impero data, even across disparate sites. Multi-server reporting enables staff to view, compare, contrast and analyse data across all university campuses, via a visual dashboard, to help identify and track trends, such as safeguarding issues. The visual dashboards can be tailored to individual users (such as safeguarding staff) to ensure data security and that the right staff members have access to the right information.

Using Impero Insight, universities can support good decision-making and support a best practice approach by reviewing data on a school, room, campuse, or student basis. This ensures that policies, such as those related to online safety or safeguarding, are being followed and any areas which require improvement can be identified and addressed quickly.


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