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mobile device management (MDM) software

Impero’s MDM software, EdLink, is compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS*. EdLink allows schools to manage mobile devices effectively, supporting BYOD and 1:1 schemes while protecting students and their devices.

IT teams are afforded an array of tools to control student-owned and school-owned mobile devices by managing access to content and enabling/disabling settings, as per a school’s requirements and acceptable use policies.

A flexible cloud-based solution, EdLink simplifies the configuration and management of mobile devices for IT teams, while ensuring teaching and safeguarding staff have access to Education Pro’s comprehensive classroom control and online safety tools to keep students focused and protected when using mobile devices. This centralised approach to MDM serves to keep students protected from the myriad risks of working online when using mobile devices to enable learning.

*Not all features are relevant to this OS.
Impero EdLink

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key features

geolocation-based management

Intelligent SSID, GPS and iBeacon technologies allow schools to control device applications and settings, based on location, applying different rules based on whether a device is in or out of school. Geolocation functionality also helps to quickly locate and recover lost or stolen devices, or, in certain cases, remotely wipe settings.

time and age-based settings

Set up controls based on times of day and/or different year groups, allowing age-appropriate content to be accessed by different pupil groups at different times and enabling/disabling certain settings as required.

app blocking and provisioning

Install or update applications on all devices in bilk, saving valuable time, and centrally control which applications can be used on the device when in school thanks to geolocation technology.

associate devices with users

Simplify reporting by associating devices with user accounts (making it easier to identify who’s who) and viewing data in a real-time dashboard. See other useful information including the location history of devices, non-syncing devices and enable device notifications.

bulk control device settings

Easily make changes to the configuration of devices such as enabling/disabling the camera, enforcing safe search, hiding the user’s location or forcing devices to run in single application mode, keeping you in control.

online safety

Powered by Netsweeper, online safety features include keyword detection and internet filtering. For advanced online safety functionality, EdLink should be used in conjunction with Impero Education Pro.

granular reporting

Deliver granular reports on online activity and device usage.


support BYOD

Enable home-owned devices to be utilised in school, with the access and configuration allowed by the school network.

simplify MDM

Centralise the configuration and management of mobile devices, making it simpler to set up, control and update devices or content when required.

stay safe

Protect students from online risks when using mobile devices by controlling access to applications and internet-based content.

track location

Apply different user profiles depending on whether a device is in or out of school and locate devices quickly if required.

improve efficiency

Monitor and manage mobile devices across the network with access to real-time updates on the status of devices.

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