Secure Remote Access for ATMs in Partnership with Fujitsu

Discover how Impero Connect improves remote access for ATM management

Fujitsu ATM Secure Remote Access
Fujitsu partnership

Benefits of Technology Partnership

Remote access an important feature for smart, secure and effective ATMs. Some companies try to build remote access technology in-house, although it is costly and time-intensive. Considering all of the security features that are required for PCI and GDPR compliance, there's also a level of risk to building around free VNC or RDP software.

When ATMs are built with Impero software from the ground up, they are guaranteed PCI compliant and in alignment with ever-changing industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Contact us to learn more about how Fujitsu can benefit from a technology partnership with Impero.

How remote access software improves ATMs

Cutting corners on cybersecurity is not an option for in the world of finance. That makes Impero Connect the solution of choice for the world's top banks and financial institutions.

Remote access plays a large role in helping IT departments solve ATM issues quickly. Technicians can diagnose and resolve issues instantly, with no need to be in front of the physical device. This is a critical feature for increasing ATM uptime, improving customer experience and keeping data protected.

There's a reason 42% of the world's top 50 financial institutions choose Impero Connect for secure remote access, and it's the same reason Fujitsu and Impero are technology partners: security and efficiency always come first.

Impero users see an average 16% reduction of truck rolls per year. See for yourself with this custom ROI Workbook how much can be saved using remote ATM support with Impero Connect.

ATM Remote Access
ATM Remote Access Capabilities

Capabilities of Remote Access

There are many benefits to using remote access software for highly secure ATMs:

  • Remotely view all ATM activity during cardholder transactions for diagnostic purposes
  • Execute hardware and software inventories and remote settlement
  • Run supervisor functions, dispenser tests, and remote scripts
  • Enable Helpdesk view of rear panel display
  • Indicate safe door status
  • Communicate via TCP/IP to terminal via GUI
  • Provide input to the ATM via FDKs or PIN pad
  • View files, device error and event logs (APTRA Edge, Windows, and more)
  • Retrieve electronic journals and invoke cut-overs
  • Distribute APTRA Promote campaigns

Specializing in Secure Remote Access for ATMs

Impero is a global leader in remote access in highly regulated industries. No other company can keep POS systems secure like a software company that has more than 40 years of experience doing it.

Impero Connect is trusted to lead and innovate on important features:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Real-time screen sharing and KVM controls
  • Integrated file transfer
  • Granular vendor access permissions
  • Security roles and credentials
  • End-to-end data encryption in accordance with PCI best practices
  • Desktop-to-mobile access
  • Simplified ISO and GDPR compliance
  • PCI DSS v4.0 compliance with remote access.
  • Secure event logging and audit controls
Fujitsu ATMs

Benefits of ATM remote access with Impero Connect

This is how advanced technology providers like Fujitsu can benefit from partnering with Impero Connect on remote ATM network management, help-desk support and repairs.

Save Time

Save Time

Connect quickly and securely to service and restore Fujitsu ATMs. Our remote access software massively reduces the time to resolve ATM issues.


Improve Efficiency

IT teams can diagnose ATM issues much more quickly, saving on truck roll costs and travel expenses by resolving errors remotely, everything while increasing uptime and reliability.


Enhance Security

Protect sensitive financial data with secure connections and keep your business GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant.

Ready to Enhance Retail & Banking Security, Efficiency & Flexibility?