Did you know that you can integrate group timetables?

Improving classroom productivity, supporting large networks and keeping students safe is easier said than done in the modern learning environment. Here at Impero, we understand these challenges and that’s why we’ve spent the last 14 years responding to customer feedback and the ever-changing technology landscape to develop a feature-rich solution that does more than you might expect.

Our group timetabling feature allows for ‘personal groups’ to be automatically imported within the Impero Education Pro console through CSV files. These ‘personal groups’ are populated with complete timetable information for all classes and all grades.

How does timetable integration help teachers save time?

With 14.4 million Chromebooks and 320 million PCs set to be in the US education sector by 2017, it’s quite clear that the digital learning environment is becoming increasingly prominent.

With a plethora of devices and an intimidating amount of student’s attempting to get logged on and ready at the beginning of class, lesson transition can become a scary thought for even the most experienced of teachers- without even mentioning 1:1 or BYOD programs!

Impero Education Pro’s group timetable feature allows you to add students to a personal group for a specific lesson- without even knowing what device they’re using! All added students will appear in the personal group before the start of each lesson, allowing you to get your lesson underway without all the added fuss.

Within each personal group, you’ll also have full visibility of your students’ activity, enabling you to keep them focused, on task and away from distractions.

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