Did you know that Impero Education Pro keeps your students on one specific website?

For over 14 years, Impero has been dedicated to providing the education world with a comprehensive software solution designed to improve classroom productivity, support networks and protect students from the risks of working online. That’s why Impero Education Pro includes a range of nifty little features that you probably didn’t know existed!

Impero Education Pro’s block and allow tools can aid you in keeping distractions to a minimum by ensuring that students are viewing the appropriate content for the lesson – all with a few clicks!

How would Impero Education Pro keep your students on track?

Keeping students on track can become a monumental task for even the most experienced amongst us. So how is it possible to keep control of a class when introducing new content on their devices?

By using Impero Education Pro’s discretionary block and allow tools, you can keep students on a specific website or even URL, keeping you in control of student viewing. So if, for example, you wish to introduce YouTube videos to your lesson, but don’t want the distraction of YouTube as a whole, all you need to do is add the video URL to the allow list and YouTube to block list- it’s as easy as that!

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