Did you know Education Pro keeps a centralized log of all software licenses?

Here at Impero, we’ve spent the last 14 years developing a consolidated software solution designed to help teachers control the classroom, enable IT teams to support large networks and, most importantly, keep students safe in the online world. As a result, our offering is a feature-rich solution which probably does more than you think!

Whether you’re a large school district, a small site, or spread across multiple campuses, it can be hard to keep up with the latest EdTech applications and resources. As staff and students alike continue to recommend which software packages IT teams should invest in to enhance the online learning environment, keeping track of licensing agreements becomes that bit trickier.

Impero Education Pro tells you the what and when

Not only is it a legal requirement to keep on top of your software licenses, but it’s also difficult to establish the popularity of each specific software package. How can you be certain your students are benefitting from software applications if you don’t know how they’re being used, if at all?

Impero Education Pro offers a clever license management feature, which tells you how many licenses are being used, so schools can make informed purchasing decisions when it comes to software renewals. Not only does this help to determine which software packages are the most educationally beneficial for students in your school, but it also helps to reduce unnecessary spending.

This nifty feature also reports on how many licenses are being used, with the ability to create and enforce customizable thresholds to ensure your schools never exceed the legal limit. Managing license compliancy at a network level also allows for one license to be shared across multiple devices, so you can easily (and legally) reduce further costs.

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