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Impero WorkPlace Pro consolidates network management, device monitoring and communication tools to streamline IT processes, all with remote capabilities and easy-to-use tools.

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Powerful, cost-effective remote network and device management

Impero WorkPlace Pro combines network management, device management and remote control features designed to streamline IT processes, save valuable time, improve efficiency, reduce downtime and improve employee productivity in a digital environment.

Managed via a single intuitive interface, technical teams and managers can remotely track, monitor and manage employees devices across the network – including devices offsite or those with remote working scenarios. From power management, resolving IT issues, simple IT management tools, pushing out software updates and endpoint security, Impero WorkPlace Pro simplifies countless network management tools.

Empowering organisations to manage employees devices, Impero WorkPlace Pro helps improve security and enhance productivity, with impressive cost saving features that provide a measurable return on investment in just 6-8 months.

Key Features

Remote control and support

Remote control and support

Providing IT support staff with remote access to devices to identify issues (using immediate notifications and encrypted messaging and chat) and resolve them so resources can remain functional, minimising disruption for employees.

Communication and presenting

Communication and presenting

Providing the platform for remote internal communication, facilitating training sessions, product demonstrations, management presentations, meetings and instant messaging, allowing managers to remotely assist employees with any problems and resolve these quickly and easily.

IT management tools

IT management tools

Simplify network management and save time with easy-to-use actions (that can be applied in bulk), including command prompt, change password, file search, USB tracking and enable/disable active directory.

acceptable use policy

Acceptable use policy

Reminding employees how to act responsibly online by enforcing acceptable use policies and running reports to measure their efficacy, while supporting data protection responsibilities through verifiable consent.

Power management

Centralising the control of power usage across the network, scheduling remote power on/off, detecting idle time and delivering comparative reports to maintain efficiency and track savings.

audit trail

Audit trail

Providing a historic log of all activity on a device (including websites visited, apps used, documents printed and files accessed) managers and IT support teams are able to easily identify what an employee is accessing and quickly diagnose and fix IT problems where appropriate.

print management

Print management

Assigning print credits on an individual basis, and monitoring full printer statistics, enforcing printing restrictions and encouraging a responsible usage policy amongst employees.

patch management

Patch management

Patching software to the latest version automatically, saving valuable staff hours, preventing vulnerabilities, and improving endpoint security. This is an optional add-on to the Impero Workplace Pro system.

software deployment

Software deployment

Deploying software remotely or manually across a mass of devices, using IT management functions such as command prompts, deploy MSI, deploy MAC software and software licensing, saving time and getting software into the hands of employees quickly.

The benefits

save time

Save time

Automate several tasks and processes, including general device and network maintenance, reducing manual processes and operational downtime whilst saving valuable hours.

save money

Save money

Consolidate several IT solutions, controlling remote access, print, power and various network management tools into a single, central location to replace various disparate solutions and actively track cost savings.

increase productivity

Increase productivity

Remove online distractions by blocking specific websites and applications across devices on an individual, departmental or organisational basis to focus concentration and encourage acceptable online behaviour.

Minimise risk

Minimise risk

Protect your network from exposure to threats by automatically patching all vulnerable software to the latest version and ensuring license limits are never exceeded, strengthening endpoint security and preventing network vulnerabilities.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Reduce operational downtime as IT support can be actioned remotely and quickly, reducing mundane staff administration tasks and time saved can be reinvested into value-adding activity.

Identify root cause

Identify root cause

Overcome the need for manual processes by identifying the root cause of device or network issues easily and remotely, in a centralised window, ultimately saving technical teams time.

Ensure appropriate privacy

Ensure appropriate privacy

Keep all organisational data protected with permission-based authorisation to ensure access and storage of data is safe and secure.

Optimise performance

Optimise performance

Ensure all applications and platform operating systems are up-to-date for every employee, allowing for effective use of devices for digital working.

Reduce carbon

Reduce carbon

Cut down on unnecessary print and waste through applying restrictions helping to enforce a reasonable usage policy and preventing careless behaviour.

Impero’s add-on modules rely on our existing product suites or modules. Include in your bespoke package where necessary.

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