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If you’ve made it to this page, chances are you’re looking to find out more about how you can monitor Chromebooks and ensure your students are safe and on-task when using them. With growing numbers of Chromebooks across the US education sector, you aren’t alone.

Impero Education Pro provides a range of powerful network, classroom and internet safety management tools across your network, making your life easier. When it comes to Chromebooks, here’s how we can help:

real-time thumbnail view

See live, real-time thumbnails of all your Chromebooks (as well as PCs, Macs, Windows devices and iPads) in a single view, giving you vizibility of what students are doing. Great for spotting when students are off-task or even at risk.

keyword monitoring

Constant keyword monitoring is always on the lookout for potential internet safety risks, and flags up alerts in real-time to be dealt with instantly by staff. Alerts include screenshot or video evidence, helping give you the full picture of what’s happened, and all captures are stored in a central reporting area for access in future. Keyword libraries have been developed in conjunction with schools and leading US charities to ensure the latest risks are present, and can be customized on a school or district basis to suit local concerns.

remote control

Take control of selected Chromebooks without requesting permission – ideal for lending a quick helping hand to a student without drawing attention to it.

anonymous reporting tool

Provide students with an easy way to report concerns about themselves or others with the Confide tool. Reports are sent to designated staff members to be dealt with accordingly.

BYOD support

Pin grouping functionality supports BYOD by allowing students to join class groups with a 4-digit pin, making it easy to monitor mobile devices.


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