Epping Secondary College


Epping Secondary College, Victoria, Australia


Aged 11-18

No. pupils


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175 desktops + 600 laptops


Impero Education Pro



Epping Secondary College’s student population has increased significantly in recent years, growing to become a popular choice for students and parents alike. By 2016, the college plans to implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme, designed to provide each student with access to a device in every lesson and help students to engage with the learning process in new and creative ways.


Previously, Epping Secondary College relied on a school proxy for web filtering as a method to manage students’ activity in the digital learning environment. When the IT department realised that this proved insufficient for keeping students safe, the college’s IT Manager spent six months thoroughly researching the multiple classroom management software solutions available on the market. Teaching staff needed reliable classroom control to keep students focused, safe and engaged in the modern learning environment, while the IT team required a scalable solution for network management across a large and growing network.


Combining a range of network management and classroom management features, including comprehensive e-safety functionality, Impero Education Pro would provide the college with a consolidated solution to help the efficient management of network tasks and enable classroom control. Epping Secondary College’s IT Manager chose to invest in Impero Education Pro due to its broad functionality (which included a patch management feature), its client-server solution, and Impero’s continuous product development in response to customer needs.


Impero Education Pro was installed across Epping Secondary College’s large network, including computer labs, the college’s library, learning resource centres and across laptop trolleys, used by students on an ad-hoc basis to support specific lesson topics. The college’s IT Director commented that the software was much easier to implement compared to his experience installing other software products.



Since installing Impero Education Pro, Epping Secondary College has realised a range of benefits including:

Saves time – remotely powering off computers and performing maintenance across the network saves masses of time for the IT team, removing the need to travel to each individual machine location. Responding to staff and student’s IT support requests can also be performed quickly and remotely, minimising disruption to learning.

Keeps students safe – real-time monitoring combined with screen and video captures of ‘flags’ provides the context of a potential incident; staff can identify the nature of the flag and respond appropriately, as well as prove misuse of digital equipment and online access.

Improves productivity – the software prevents students from accessing inappropriate content or websites, ensuring they remain safe and focused in the digital learning environment. The ability for teaching staff to lock screens ensures students remain focused on the task at hand, while assigning granular access rights means that teaching staff can perform tasks, such as resetting passwords, without accidentally disrupting the network.


Q&A with Carlin Grieve, IT Manager

How has the software been beneficial to you in role?

Not only do I manage the IT infrastructure, but I’m also a teacher too, which means I benefit from both the classroom and network management functionality. From a network management perspective, we were concerned that the software would chew-up a lot of bandwidth, but it hasn’t had an impact at all. We have a lot of CAD applications and Impero’s speed and functionality still performs well in these situations. If a teacher or student is having an issue, we can remote directly into their machine, which saves time and enables the issue to be solved instantaneously. From an IT Technician’s perspective, I also love the MiMic script tool; it saves time installing programs individually on multiple machines. We just power them all on, log in, and run the program!

How has the software helped to improve teaching and learning?

Impero Education Pro allows us to take a managed approach to e-safety at the college. The keyword detection functionality gives us the context, which is really helpful – we can deal with incidents by raising it further with the relevant staff member. Teaching staff love the ability to lock students’ screens, broadcast screens to demonstrate tasks, run websites and files, and share website URLs. The ‘lock screen’ functionality is a particularly simple way to capture students’ attention; it’s a great tool for behaviour management and a feature which has impressed our teaching staff considerably.

what are the next steps?

Soon we’re planning to adopt a BYOD initiative, so it’ll be really interesting to see how Impero Education Pro handles this.

How would you sum up Impero?

Powerful teaching resource.