American International School of Zagreb, Croatia



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90 PCs + iPads + netbooks


Impero Education Pro



Located in Croatia, the American International School of Zagreb offers a well-rounded American curriculum to students from more than 30 countries across the globe. Providing two dedicated computer labs, over 150 netbooks and 60 iPads, the school offers a 1:1 programme and BYOD scheme designed to facilitate the seamless integration of technology across the curriculum.


Prior to Impero Education Pro, the school employed multiple solutions for network management. When the 1:1 scheme was launched, it became clear that these products failed to deliver scalable network management across the school’s network. A well-timed phone call from Impero introduced the school’s Network Manager to Impero Education Pro, a consolidated remote monitoring and management software solution offering a range of network and classroom management features.


The consolidated nature of Impero Education Pro would provide the school with a broad variety of network and classroom management features, designed to save time, improve efficiency and enhance the digital learning environment. Powerful network administration tools, such as remote control, would enable IT staff to perform tasks across multiple machines and solve technical issues across the network. Classroom control tools, including an exam module and screen broadcasting, would help to improve learning and keep students focused and on task in the digital learning environment.


The software was installed across the school’s network quickly without the school encountering any issues. When different WiFi devices were added to the network, the school faced some unexpected challenges. Impero’s knowledgeable technical support team were on-hand to help, however, and supported the school throughout the entire implementation phase.



Since implementing Impero Education Pro, the American International School of Zagreb has realised a variety of benefits, such as:

Saves time – speedy remote control functionality enables IT staff to respond to technical support requests across all network machines and solve issues quickly and remotely. This minimises disruption to learning, while saving time for IT staff.

Enhances learning – a myriad of classroom management tools, such as locking screens, broadcasting screens, and an exam module, improves the learning experience and keeps students focused and on task.

Improves IT maintenance – the ability to monitor and perform tasks across multiple machines, such as installations, updates and general maintenance, enables quick and efficient network management.


Q&A with Neven Soric, Network Manager

What are you favourite features, and why?

From an IT perspective, Education Pro is great for delivering support to someone remotely on the network. I can easily remote control their machine, view the issue for myself and solve the problem almost instantly. The software also simplifies network management and allows tasks to be performed across machines simultaneously. For example, if I need to install a program, run scripts of perform general maintenance across multiple machines, Impero Education Pro enables me to do this quickly and easily. Using the software in lessons has really changed the way I teach, because it’s much easier to show my students a task or an idea quickly, without them being distracted by the digital world. I can lock their screen if I need their attention, send and collect files, test their knowledge by sending questions, and ensure they’re learning in a safe and focused environment.

What are the next steps?

Recently, we’ve introduced a BYOD programme across the school and many of our students choose to bring their own devices to school for learning. It will be interesting to see how Impero’s new timetable integration functionality, which automatically populates ‘personal groups’ with timetable information (regardless of what device students are using), will help. I’m also interested in using the power management feature on a more frequent and scheduled basis to enable a better best practice approach.

How is Impero different to other products in the marketplace?

We chose to implement Impero because it offered a variety of tools and functionality in one solution.

How would you sum up Impero?

Saves time for IT staff and puts teachers in control of the classroom!