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Blended learning, often referred to as the ‘flipped classroom’, is transforming classrooms across Canadian school districts. With 1 in 5 students using a mobile application to organize schoolwork and 1 in 10 sending out an academic tweet, teachers are increasingly looking for new tools to help support innovative ways of using technology in the classroom. And with nearly 90% of school leaders and teachers eager to embrace new technologies into their teaching, Canadian school districts are keen to be at the forefront of EdTech for K-12 and beyond.

There’s no denying that the online world unlocks endless opportunities to support learning. But research shows that, due to the degree of exposure to digital technologies, young people are vulnerable to a host of online distractions and threats. From social media enthusiasts to gamers and bloggers, students no longer make the distinction between the online world and the real world.

Discover how Impero EdTeach, as part of Impero Education Pro, can help you to improve digital learning by removing distractions and focusing attention online.

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