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Independent schools are more popular than ever, proven by rising numbers and increased efforts to widen access. Research released in January 2017 by the Independent Schools Council (ISC), which analysed the ‘mental toughness’ of students at UK independent schools, revealed that private school pupils scored well due to a broad curriculum, extra-curricular activities and excellent pastoral care.

However, Independent schools often come under vast scrutiny: high expectations from a range of stakeholders, including parents and students, not to mention perennial media pressure. And with some independent schools offering boarding alongside day attendance, the emphasis on safeguarding in the Independent Schools Inspectorate framework. Now referencing the the official safeguarding guidance outlined in KCSiE, alongside the UK government’s Prevent strategy, and guarding against bullying and harassment, means independent school’s duty of care is ever more prevalent.


independent schools

Impero Education Pro

Whether you’re teaching generation Y or generation Z, technology is well and truly ingrained in their everyday lives. It’s every independent school’s aim to offer a high-standard and personalised approach to each individual student’s learning requirements, both through curricular and extra-curricular areas. Whether your school is inspected by Ofsted, the Independent Schools Inspectorate, the School Inspection Service or another relevant organisation, demonstrating a high standard of teaching, learning and assessment remains paramount. That’s where Impero Education Pro can help.

With so many resources to manage across libraries, computer suites, school-owned and student-owned mobile devices, sustaining a modern digital learning environment means keeping equipment functional and up-to-date. Combining a range of online safety, classroom control, and network management tools, Impero Education Pro is a seamless, single solution designed to help independent schools, from pre-prep all the way through to sixth form, to streamline networks, improve learning and reduce risk.

Independent schools are well-known for providing exemplary pastoral care. In a recent report by HMC, however, 94% of independent schools reported misuse of social media and 83% reported cyberbullying as an issue. Wherever technology is involved, there’s always the added concern over online safety and potential risk. This academic year has also seen a stronger focus on safeguarding in new ISI inspection framework, including measures to support the Prevent strategy, guard against harassment and bullying (including cyberbullying), and seeking the views of both day-students and boarders.

That’s why Impero Education Pro provides a comprehensive online safety feature, with keyword detection libraries, real-time monitoring, flags, alerts and an anonymous reporting tool for students to voice concerns, designed to keep students protected in the digital learning environment. Our keyword libraries, developed working in partnership with a range of charities and organisations including the IWF and SafeBAE, a charity co-founded by sexual assault survivors who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy, have been developed to help independent schools protect students from the risks posed by the online world, including but not limited to: adult content, bullying & trolling, eating disorders, counter-radicalisation, grooming, LGBT derogatory language, self-harm, suicide, and racial & religious hatred.

And with everything pulled together in a single solution, it’s easier for independent schools to manage networks, improve learning and, most importantly, keep students safe.

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Impero Insight

UK Independent school premises are often located across several sites, with multiple buildings for different subjects and dormitories for boarders.

An advanced reporting and analytics tool, Impero Insight provides independent schools with access to a comprehensive overview of an independent school’s Impero data. Multi-server reporting enables staff to view, compare, contrast and analyse data across all school sites or multiple schools in the group, via a visual dashboard, to help identify and track trends, such as safeguarding issues. The visual dashboards can be tailored to individual users (such as safeguarding staff) to ensure data security and that the right staff members have access to the right information.

Using Impero Insight, UK independent schools can support good decision-making and support a best practice approach, in line with ISI guidelines, by reviewing data on a school, classroom or student basis. This ensures that policies, such as those related to online safety or safeguarding, are being followed and any areas which require improvement can be identified and addressed quickly and independent schools can continue offering first-class pastoral care.

Independent schools will not only have myriad school-owned mobile devices to manage and monitor, but also those owned by students, particularly boarders who most likely own both a smartphone and a tablet. Impero EdLink is our mobile device management solution, designed to work in conjunction with Education Pro to enable independent schools manage, track and protect students and their devices. It’s a flexible cloud-based solution which simplifies the configuration and management of mobile devices for IT teams, while ensuring teaching and safeguarding staff have access to Education Pro’s comprehensive classroom control and online safety tools to keep students focused and protected when using mobile devices.

Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS, using geolocation technology EdLink ensures that students are protected, whether their device is connected to the school network or not. This protects both day students and boarders in the online world when using mobile devices, in line with UK government requirements outlined in the ISI framework and your school’s acceptable use policies. Impero EdLink and Impero Education Pro are the perfect combination to enable independent schools to control devices and apply rules based on location, in order to support BYOD and 1:1 programmes and realise the benefits of mobile learning.

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