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Impero Education Pro is a seamless and innovative blend of online safety, network admin and classroom management software that’s simple to install and easy to use.

CURRENT VERSION: 7.1 (V7.1.32)

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classroom management

Empowering teachers with classroom control features compatible with PCs, Macs and mobile devices

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network management

Supporting school IT teams with remote control and network management tools

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online safety

Protecting students with state-of-the-art online safety technology, that goes beyond simply blocking

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network management software & Impero Education Pro

For Canadian schools across K-12, new technology is on the rise.

Providing a suite of tools to support and manage technology and users across a school network, on both individual and multiple sites, our all-in-one software solution gives IT teams complete control of their entire network. In addition to power managementprint management, and license management, our remote monitoring and management software solution also includes remote control and supportdesktop utilization and computer usage monitoring. So whether it’s deploying MSIs to multiple machines, reporting on all network data, or remotely fixing a user’s IT issue on the other side of the school, Impero Education Pro is the complete package.

A truly cross platform solution, Impero Education Pro is compatible with Windows, Chrome OS, iOS and Mac OSX and can be used alongside our MDM solution, Impero EdLink, to support BYOD and 1:1 initiates across the Canadian education sector.


classroom management software & Impero Education Pro

A focus on ‘deeper learning’ in Canadian education has seen a rise in the use of digital technologies to support learning. As school boards race to adopt new tech, teachers are required to ensure the effective roll-out of these technologies in their classrooms.

With a live thumbnail view of student devices in one clear, uncluttered, central view, teachers can observe and control activity on devices being used within their lessons. This helps give teachers the confidence to use ICT as part of their teaching, breaking down the traditional behavior management and online safety barriers. Simple one-click tools, such as lock screen, enable/disable internet, and the ability to block websites and applications on-the-fly, enable teachers to establish and control the specific access conditions required for individual lessons on a group or individual level.


online safety software & Impero Education Pro

Impero Education Pro’s online safety feature is a direct product of our response to the changing online safety and EdTech landscape. With keyword detectionreal-time monitoringaccess management, and activity logs and incident handling, our online safety feature is designed to helps schools keep students safe.

Since the initial launch of our online safety feature, we’ve worked closely with our customers and specialist organizations to ensure we’re the first to respond to online safety trends and customer needs. We’ve also created a free online safety handbook, featuring a best practice framework for implementing active monitoring in schools and expert advice from our online safety partners. That’s why Impero is trusted by K-12 schools across Canada to keep students safe.

Impero Education Pro’s keyword detection libraries have been developed in partnership with numerous expert bodies. This includes the Internet Watch Foundation, and the charity SafeBAE, founded by sexual assault survivors Daisy Coleman, Ella Fairon and Jada Smith, who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy, amongst others.

For more information about Impero Education Pro, call us today on 01509 611 341. Alternatively you can request a Free 14-Day Trial. As a complete package, it’s the only network and classroom management solution for Canadian K-12 schools.


save money

By controlling print and managing power, the cost of running a busy network can be dramatically reduced. The power management feature alone is responsible for a typical return on investment (ROI) in just 6-8 months, which can be easily calculated using Impero’s intelligent reporting function.

save time

The most commonly reported benefit of Impero Education Pro is the time it saves. Allowing IT teams to respond to issues and fix problems remotely, or enabling teachers to maximize learning by ensuring students have access to the correct resources, saves valuable hours each day and reduces disruptive downtime.

focus learning

With real-time visibility of every student’s screen, staff are able to monitor device usage, establish capture alerts and block certain websites, applications or devices.

reduce carbon

By applying restrictions to enforce a reasonable power usage policy and issuing print credits to curb careless behavior, Impero Education Pro promotes a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of working.

keep students safe

With real-time flags, active monitoring and keyword detection to deter inappropriate behavior and highlight safeguarding incidents as they occur, Impero Education Pro is designed to keep students safe in the online environment.

improve efficiency

A powerful suite of admin tools enables IT teams to streamline efficiency across a school’s network and ensure maintenance is performed with ease, while classroom control and online safety features help teachers and counsellors to evidence misuse or potential risk.

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