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Classroom learning in 2019, facing behavioral challenges with confidence

29th April 2019

In 2019 it’s become more challenging than ever for teachers to manage classroom learning and ensure students are able to focus on their studies with the increase of modern-day distractions. Mobile devices, electronics, and virtual learning all pose difficulties when students are meant to direct their attention on the lessons at hand. Controlling and managing a classroom effectively, at any stage in your teaching career, provides a greater sense of confidence that students are able to be supported in their studies under your direction. While nationally students are being impacted by growing mental health concerns, an increase in targeted school violence, and behavioral dissidence it is more important than ever that school personnel are able to develop skills to handle any situation they may face head on.

The first day of school often comes down to being one of the most important days of the academic year for both students and teachers. Students may be interested to see what their class schedule holds for the term, but school personnel know that enforcing a positive learning environment at the start of the semester is an essential part of their role.

The four pillars to a successful classroom learning environment

Accordingly to the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, there are four pillars for planning a successful classroom learning environment:

  1. Ensuring there is enough physical space for students to learn and move around freely
  2. Giving a structured schedule for the day, or for the hour of class, that provides a sense of system to the curriculum
  3. Clear and consistent expectations of the behavior that will be upheld by the students while learning
  4. Well-taught routines that make children in class feel secure in your teaching process

Making tools and materials easy to access, ensuring that all displays are visible from any area of the classroom, and that all students can be seen when at a bird’s eye view lets you keep the class on track with the lesson. Believe it or not, increased support and supervision by school teachers is something that students desire. A survey of 1,300 high school students asked for more order, structure, and moral authority in their daily activities. Giving these supports in your classroom helps you to meet the needs of students more effectively while also helping you to achieve what you hope to in your own educational practice.

As a leader within your school, it is your responsibility to set an example among your peers and the children who look up to you. It is crucial to model the behavior you expect in order to reinforce, especially with young adults at the junior and high school level, what behaviors will not be tolerated. Remaining consistent and fair to each individual student who causes a disruption demonstrates that everyone is treated equally. Children who have additional learning challenges or are experiencing adversity in another way that affects their ability to behave in the classroom should still be treated with consistency when they are causing a disruption. This means continuing to reinforce open lines of communication that allow children to reflect on their behavior and to consider the social modeling you as the teacher, and their fellow students, use when in the classroom learning together.

How does Impero EdAware track behavioral challenges?

Impero EdAware allows you to help manage classroom learning efficiently by keeping track of behavior, discipline, and intervention outcomes that keep students focused on their educational development while at your school. Opening pathways of communication between school teachers, assistant principals, school counselors, and senior administrators allows every school setting to feel effective in upholding the appropriate standard of conduct expected in your learning environment.

Learn more about Impero EdAware by booking a personalized demonstration here.

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