How to Regain Your Students’ Attention with Classroom Management Software

All teachers experience their students straying off task. Classroom management software is the quick and easy way to get your students back on track.

All teachers experience their students straying off task. It doesn’t matter if the environment is in-person, digital, or hybrid. Students have periods of time where they are not paying attention to what is going on in class. 

Now that technology is commonplace in the classroom, students are getting distracted by the technology they are using. Students like to spend time playing video games, looking at social media, watching movies, and more. These distractions shouldn’t make you want to get rid of technology in the classroom though. Technology is an amazing tool that enhances the learning experience for your students.

To combat your students getting distracted by technology you need a simple solution. Classroom management software is the quick and easy way to get your students back on track.


Monitor Your Students’ Screens

If your students are using their devices, you might not now know that they are off task. With classroom management software you are able to monitor your students’ devices and see exactly what they are doing. Once you see students are off task, you can use the other tools your classroom management software provides to regain your students’ attention. These tools are quick, easy, and simple to use.


Lock Screens

One of the easiest ways you can regain your students’ attention when they are not on-task is to lock their screens. When you see your students doing something they are not supposed to be doing on their devices, simply push the button on your classroom management software to lock their screens and use a verbal cue asking for their attention. Redirect your students to what they were supposed to be working on and carry on as normal.


Launch Website

If you see that your students are not on the correct website, you can get them off of that website by launching the correct website for them. It is a simple but direct way of asking your students to get back on track.


Send a Message

With a send a message feature, you can send a message directly to your student asking them to get back to work. It is easy, effective, and gets your point across. It also alleviates you having to call them out in front of their classmates.


Restrict Browsing

If you keep having to redirect your students back to work, you can restrict their browsing by using your classroom management software tool. The easiest way to do this is by creating an allow list. Simply add the websites you want your students on to the allow list and students will not be able to stray from those allowed websites. If you want your students to have more options, you can create a block list. Just add the websites you don’t want your students on to that list.


Disable Internet

There may be moments in class where you just want your students quietly writing on their laptops. Which may mean you don’t want them browsing the internet. If you see your students are on the internet when they are just supposed to be writing, use your classroom management software to disable your students’ internet.


Impero Classroom

Impero’s classroom management software, Impero Classroom is a solution to help teachers manage and monitor any students’ device at any time and anywhere. With Impero’s classroom management tool, students can have positive learning experiences online. Teachers can run websites, create groups, block and allow specific websites, and lock screens and the internet when it’s time to focus.


Impero Classroom’s features include: 

  •     Real-time monitoring
  •     SIS Integration
  •     Send a message
  •     Lock Screen
  •     Broadcast screen
  •     Launch website
  •     Disable internet
  •     Send file
  •     Tab management
  •     Restrict browsing
  •     Disable Sound


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