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The creative use of technology by young people in Belgium, including blogging and sharing content, is impacting what students expect from their education. Despite high digital skills, research shows that students across Europe, including Belgium, are starting to fall behind when it comes to good STEM knowledge.

The ‘flipped classroom’, mobile devices and tech-enhanced learning environments – not to mention other trends such as virtual reality and gaming – are all changing the education landscape in Belgium. Having a host of digital resources in place is only one half of the challenge; teachers also need to be armed with the tools to harness technology in the online learning environment.

But in order for teachers to make the most of technology in the classroom, they first need the tools to manage and monitor digital access to keep students focused and safe.

Working in an education system that consistently looks to integrate the best of digital technologies into the learning environment can throw up a host of challenges for teachers. When using new tech in education, how do you ensure your students remain focused on the task at hand and protected from potential risk? That’s why it’s vital that students across Belgian schools learn not just how to use tech but how to use it safely.

Impero Education Pro‘s Impero EdTeach module places classroom control into your hands, giving you all the tools required to focus and enhance learning, monitor progress and protect students from risk. From locking machines and broadcasting screens to an instant messaging functionality and a live thumbnail view of all student devices, you can improve communication, eliminate the distractions of the digital world, and keep students on task. The ability to block and restrict access to specified applications and websites, along with keyword detection libraries and real-time monitoring, helps with your duty of care to keep students safe in the school environment. And all from a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Impero EdTeach empowers you to feel confident about incorporating technology into your classroom; the software provides all the tools required to deal with behaviour in line with a best practice approach.

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