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Digital literacy is commonplace across Belgian schools. Fully integrated across the curriculum, digital skills are seen as essential to learning and not an addition to the traditional classroom environment.

Students in Belgian schools have access to high speed internet connection, an abundance of digital resources and a sophisticated IT infrastructure. But while Belgium outshines its European counterparts in terms of the digital materials and resources on offer, research has shown that schools are looking for new ways to use modern technologies to support customized learning and offer a fully integrated digital learning experience.

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the first to respond to the changing internet safety and EdTech landscape

Impero has partnered with a range of internationally-recognized charities and organisations, including the IWF and SafeBAE (a charity co-founded by sexual assault survivors who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy) to ensure that we’re the first to respond to the changing internet safety and EdTech landscape. Using new technology and expert advice, Impero’s solutions are trusted by schools across the world to make the most of digital learning and keep students safe.

For Belgian international schools following a British curriculum, our flagship product for education, Impero Education Pro, is compliant with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s appropriate monitoring provider checklist and helps schools to comply with the Department for Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance.

Impero Education Pro

Impero Education Pro provides Belgian schools with a consolidated and seamless suite of network management, classroom control and internet safety tools, designed to help manage technology to transform teaching and learning across schools.

Single-click classroom control and instruction tools, combined with real-time monitoring and keyword detection, empower teachers to use technology confidently for teaching. A flexible assessment tools feature, including a feature-rich exam module, enables educators to track student learning across their classes. The ability for school ICT teams to remotely manage and monitor the status of a school or district’s network and IT assets – from software licensing and inventory management, to computer usage monitoring and remotely deploying an MSI or command prompt – reduces disruptive downtime and improves efficiency and security.

Education Pro’s comprehensive internet safety feature, developed in response to best practice guidelines, ensures preventative measures are in place to deal with a range of cyber security and safety risks – from adult content, bullying and trolling and grooming to race and religious hatred and more – proactively. Real-time monitoring, keyword detection libraries and an advanced incident log helps education establishments to respond to risk before it escalates, while access to screenshots and video recordings provides the context of captured activity. This enables schools, from state community schools to public schools, international schools and technical schools, to handle risk quickly and appropriately.

What about mobile device management? Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS, EdLink is designed to be used alongside Education Pro to enable schools and school boards to support BYOD and 1:1 programmes. ICT teams are afforded an array of tools to control student-owned and school-owned mobile devices by managing access to content and enabling/disabling settings, as per the school or district’s requirements and internet safety policies. This centralized approach to MDM serves to keep students protected from the myriad risks of working online when using mobile devices.

The general management of mobile devices is also simplified; school ICT teams can control device settings by pushing out actions in bulk, such as installations and updates, or enforcing safe search or forcing single application mode. With granular reporting, intelligent SSID, GPS and iBeacon technologies, Impero EdLink is designed to help education establishments support successful mobile device integration and realize the benefits of mobile learning.

Impero Insight

An advanced reporting and analytics tool, Impero Insight enables schools across Belgium to compare and contrast data to help identify trends, such as internet safety or welfare issues, across individual schools or multiple sites. With granular permissions, and the ability to tailor dashboards for different staff members, Impero Insight ensures that data is secure and the right staff members have access to the right information.

Using Impero Insight, schools and schools can support good decision-making and support a best practice approach by reviewing data on a school, district, classroom or student basis. This ensures that policies, such as those related to internet safety and student welfare, are being followed and any areas which require improvement can be identified and addressed quickly.

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