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Belgian children are known for having some of the highest digital skills in Europe. Schools in Belgium, from state community schools to public schools, international schools and technical schools, have been using technology to enhance education for years. A progressive approach to digital tech in the classroom, blending old and new technologies to shape ICT in schools, means that school IT teams are responsible for large, advanced and changing networks.

Digital literacy has been applied across the curriculum in Belgian schools and is not viewed as a separate subject. With so much emphasis placed on digital technologies to support the learning environment and a host of digital resources to monitor and manage, how can our products help?

Discover how Impero Education Pro‘s cloud-based Impero EdAdmin features can help you to monitor and manage a range of devices across your network, while automating several processes (from deploying MSIs to launching command prompts). Keeping your school’s network running smoothly helps to ensure that the digital learning environment delivers the best for your teachers and students.

Our mobile device management solution Impero EdLink can also help if you have a cross-platform environment. Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS, Impero EdLink enables school IT teams to control devices and apply rules based on location, in order to support BYOD and 1:1 programmes. It’s designed to save IT teams masses of time by enabling application installations or updates to be pushed out to all devices, from a centralized interface. And with granular reports depicting device usage and online activity, IT teams can simplify mobile device management and help keep students safe.

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