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Did you know that young people in Belgium feel less shocked and less harmed when confronted with cyberbullying messages or sexual content, compared to their European counterparts? A huge 59% of children in Belgium do not do anything after being bothered by sexual images, with 29% simply hoping the problem will disappear.

While young people’s digital skills in Belgium are higher than the European average, their passive response to inappropriate content online has resulted in many schools looking for ways to educate students about what is acceptable online. And as schools continue to invest in digital technologies to improve the learning environment, students’ access to the online world is only set to grow.

How can you, as a guidance counsellor, ensure that your students are using technology responsibly and open up dialogs with them about staying safe online?

Monitoring, as opposed to simply blocking, provides young people with the opportunity to learn how to navigate the online world safely and, ultimately, assess risk for themselves.

Impero Education Pro‘s online safety and capture management modules Impero EdProtect provides a range of tools for keeping students safe online. Keyword detection scans for when certain terms are typed anywhere on the network, including in an email, an application, search engine, URL or HTML. Our keyword detection libraries, based on adult content, bullying and trolling, eating disorders, LGBT derogatory language, racial and religious hatred, counter-radicalization, and self-harm, among others, provide school safeguarding staff with a glossary definition of terms, acronyms and abbreviations to help put a student’s online activity, and potential risk, into context.


If Impero EdProtect detects these terms, or other incidents of inappropriate behavior, an automatic screenshot or video capture is taken, and this flagged activity is assigned a severity rating. School guidance counsellors can then view this information within the wider context of a student’s behavior, so the most appropriate response can be made.

A complete log of all network activity provides a detailed and accurate record of internet safety concerns, which can be used to identify vulnerable students and assess internet safety issues. This complete and historic log of information also enables counsellors to identify internet safety patterns; schools can then address these issues to inform dialogues with students, while ensuring access to the relevant support.

Our online safety partnerships

Here at Impero, we work closely with our customers, charities, and specialist organizations to ensure that we’re the first to respond to the changing internet safety landscape. This includes making use of new technology and the changing internet safety landscape. That’s why Impero is trusted by counsellors across Belgium to keep their students safe.

We’re proud that our keyword libraries have been developed in partnership with numerous expert bodies including the IWF and SafeBAE, a charity co-founded by sexual assault survivors Daisy Coleman, Ella Fairon and Jada Smith, who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy.


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