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Scholengroep Sint-Rembert is a group of sixteen schools located in Belgium, providing education for students aged three to eighteen. A centralised IT team works from a main office and oversees the management of the entire IT infrastructure, including hardware and storage. Each school employs an on-site IT Co-ordinator who is responsible for the management of the individual school’s network.


Scholengroep Sint-Rembert originally sought a screen-broadcasting solution to help improve collaboration in the classroom. After executing some online research, Scholengroep Sint-Rembert’s central IT team discovered Impero Education Pro alongside a range of other classroom management and screen-sharing software solutions. Following a trial of Impero Education Pro, the IT team realised that the software provided far more functionality than the alternative solutions, including power management for energy-saving and remote control for technical support.


Impero Education Pro would provide a scalable and consolidated classroom, network and desktop management solution for Scholengroep Sint-Rembert’s large network spread across several separate sites. A powerful suite of network administration tools would enable the entire network to be maintained efficiently, with an intelligent power management feature designed to contribute huge cost-savings across the network. Classroom control tools, including screen-broadcasting, would also help to improve learning in the digital environment, while real-time monitoring helps to keep students safe and focused.


The installation process went smoothly and Impero Education Pro was installed across Scholengroep Sint-Rembert’s large network with ease. A couple of issues were encountered along the way regarding machines running Windows 8, however Impero’s technical support team was on-hand to help throughout the implementation and the entire network was up and running without delay.



Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Scholengroep Sint-Rembert has realised a variety of benefits, including:

saves money – the ability to schedule machines to power on/off across the network during non-school hours has generated an annual cost-saving of 8% of Scholengroep Sint-Rembert’s total energy bill.

saves time – remote control enables on-site IT Co-ordinators to resolve technical issues across the network quickly and with ease.

focuses learning – screen broadcasting and classroom control tools, such as sending files and URLS to student screens, enables teaching staff to provide an enhanced digital learning environment, while keeping students focused and safe.


Q&A with Kevin Baert, IT manager

what features do the individual site IT Co-ordinators find most beneficial?

Each IT Co-ordinator uses the power management feature to schedule the powering on and off of machines, depending on the individual school’s operating hours. For example, some schools offer evening classes and so the machines are required to be powered-on for use during these times. They also use the remote control functionality on a daily basis to respond to technical support issues raised by staff and students across their network, saving time and reducing disruption during learning.

how has the software helped to improve online learning?

Originally, when researching for a solution, we were looking for a screen-broadcasting solution to help our teachers share work or demonstrate tasks by broadcasting their screen to students – or, equally, by broadcasting a student’s screen to the class. Not only has this improved collaboration in the classroom, but the classroom management tools available in Education Pro help to prevent students becoming distracted by the online world. Teachers no longer need to worry about students falling off task or not being able to navigate to a website – those issues are a thing of the past. I believe that the moment teachers start using the software, it can only serve to benefit the learning atmosphere.

how would you describe our technical support team?

I’ve worked in IT for 15 years and, in that time, no other company has come close to comparing with Impero’s technical support team. We work with lots of companies and we’ve not seen the quick response times that Impero provides with any other firm. They always respond within a couple of hours of us raising a support ticket, and no matter how big or small the issue, they always go out of their way to help. Their service really is exceptional and it really sets Impero aside from the rest.

how would you sum up Impero?

It’s like a multi-tool – it provides a range of different solutions in a single package.