Grady Locklear

Head of Marketing, Corporate at Impero Software – Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia and North America, Grady brings a global perspective driving marketing strategy for the Impero Connect solution.

Grady Locklear's Posts

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VPN Threats to the Public Sector on the Rise in 2021

  Over the past few months, cyberattacks against devices protected by Pulse Secure VPN have surged. These attacks happened in the aftermath of the SolarWinds breach, which affected, among others, numerous government agencies. Government agencies use VPN technology to shield ...
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Netop Remote Control is now Impero Connect

With last week's release of Impero Connect v12.9, our customers are no longer using Netop Remote Control — although the software still looks and feels familiar. When Impero acquired Netop in early 2021, the core development team stayed intact. After ...
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Switch to Impero from SolarWinds Dameware

Businesses that use Dameware for remote access got some troubling news in December 2020: the SolarWinds attack was among the most severe cyberattacks ever committed. More than 18,000 malicious updates were sent to SolarWinds customers, causing as much as $100 billion in damages. ...
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How to Work From Home Securely with the Netop Portal

You may be aware of all the people in masks trying to access sensitive data on your company servers. Cybercriminals? No, they're just remote workers, adjusting to doing their jobs in a pandemic.  More employees than ever are working from ...
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Case Study: OMRON Social Solutions

This week, Netop Remote Control announced a new case study with OMRON Social Solutions, based in Tokyo. OMRON Social Solutions developed the world's first automated fare collection system and is a major contributor to social infrastructure and renewable energy in ...
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Using Remote Access Tools to Adapt to Remote Work

This recent IDG Insider article describes how businesses can use remote access software to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis. While there are many advantages to this approach, it's also important to be aware of the risks involved ...
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Tech Trends Driving Remote Access Demand

It’s 2020 and while technology continues to expand and improve, experts keep warning that the cyber threat landscape has never been more treacherous. Attacks are increasingly sophisticated and the skill gap is widening, even as 44% of businesses plan to increase their tech spend ...
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Avoid RDP Exploits with a Secure Remote Desktop

Nobody wants to worry about extra security issues–especially around remote access to a business network. That's why recent issues with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) are so troubling. In the past year, numerous RDP vulnerabilities known as BlueKeep, have been discovered in Windows XP, ...
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Avast hack is the latest reason to evaluate your VPN use cases

Cybersecurity company Avast announced that its internal network was hacked via a VPN connection. The attackers compromised an employee's VPN credentials and had network access for more than four months.  Through a successful privilege escalation, the actor managed to obtain ...
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That TeamViewer remote access hack was worse than previously thought

A security firm recently revealed new details about one of the more significant TeamViewer hacks, which happened in 2016, showing that billions of devices may have been affected or vulnerable.  It seems that TeamViewer was hacked by Chinese-backed group APT41, ...
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