internet safety in Pennsylvania schools

Teachers in Pennsylvania are being encouraged to use increasing amounts of technology in the classroom. The downside to this trend is the increased risks that students face online by accessing inappropriate or potentially harmful content.

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internet safety in Connecticut; taking anti-bullying policies to the next level

There’s no doubt that the increased use of technology in Connecticut classrooms enhances students’ learning. As a district technology coordinator in Connecticut, how can you ensure your students are safe online and acting responsibly? Anti-bullying policies and blocking, you may cry. But is this enough?

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cybersafety: what it means for school districts in Georgia

As mobile devices infiltrate school, work, and personal life, we live in a society that is ‘always on’, with constant access to information. This trend presents school districts in Georgia with the challenge of ensuring all students remain safe online.

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internet safety considerations for Oregon school districts

As school districts in Oregon continue to invest in technologies such as Chromebooks to enhance learning, the chance of students’ exposure to online risks is increasing. What can schools in Oregon be doing to ensure their students are safe?

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why a Portland U.S. HQ? For a U.K. software firm, it’s talent, price and buzz

Impero, which has headquarters based in the UK, recently chose Portland in Oregon for its new US offices. The move comes as a result of huge business growth, and the adoption of Impero’s classroom management software for education across America, fuelling the demand for timezone coverage. Portland was chosen as the city of choice due…

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