YouID Access elementary school software

the top 5 elementary school software and learning apps

Younger students are more tech-savvy than ever. If you’re an elementary school teacher, you might be panicking about this. But many schools, including yours, are already using a range of elementary school software and applications to aid learning, so you’re probably not as far behind as you think. Here at Impero, we’ve spoken to several…

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Impero e-safety survey infographic header

an Impero survey reveals why blocking isn’t the answer to internet safety in schools

Is your school’s answer to e-safety blocking? If it is, you might be shocked to discover that a recent survey* of ours revealed that an alarming thirty-five per cent of students have circumnavigated online blocks designed to prohibit access to websites of an inappropriate nature.

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five top tips for craeting passwords for the single sign-on cloud

five top tips for creating stronger, safer passwords for the single sign-on cloud

With so much of our daily lives spent online, whether it be at home, in education or in the workplace, the need to ensure that the passwords we login with are safe and secure has never been more important.

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Remote control software

expand your network’s capability with remote control software

With both desktop and laptop computers playing an increasingly significant role in how organisations go about their business, it’s no surprise that the demands on employees and the machines they use have dramatically expanded. One such area is remote usage, whereby computers are used off-site, or otherwise controlled on-site remotely. That’s where Impero’s remote control…

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internet safety enhanced through Impero’s partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation

It has been a positive week for both the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and for Impero. Following a meeting chaired by the Culture Secretary, it was revealed that the charity will be provided with greater powers and better support from the UK government to enable a new proactive approach in their activities. And as of…

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