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With 78% of young people using the online world for schoolwork and 66% to research online, there’s no denying that digital technologies are central to improving the learning experience. Australian schools are technologically-rich and this means teachers are being relied on to use tech innovatively and safely in the classroom.

Students are more connected than ever before. No longer differentiating between the digital world and the physical world, they naturally expect to see the technology they know and love incorporated into their education. With a mandatory digital technology curriculum, do you feel confident knowing what your students’ are accessing online?

Here at Impero, we understand the pressure on teachers to support Australian education’s forward-thinking approach to tech, hence why we make sure we’re the first to respond to the changing EdTech and online safety landscape. And our partnerships with internationally-recognized organisations, such as the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and SafeBAE (Safe Before Anyone Else), help to ensure that our classroom control and monitoring software is the most informed and reliable solution to support teachers with digital learning while protecting students across Australia.

Impero’s range of cloud solutions have been specially designed to help Australian teachers to improve the digital learning environment. Find out more about Impero Education Pro, our flagship solution for schools, which includes Impero EdTeach, a cloud-based module offering a range of classroom control and instructional tools.

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