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Enhancing young people’s digital literacy and digital citizenship has risen to the top of the agenda for many schools in the UAE. Key findings from the ICDL Arabia’s cyber safety research report revealed that 42% of students did not feel confident that their school would be prepared to help if they faced a problem online. A new project which now assesses UAE schools on their ability to protect their students and networks from cyber threats, including cyber crime, cyberbullying and cyber radicalization, is placing increased pressure on IT teams across UAE schools.

In addition to bettering the digital learning experience and ensuring IT assets are functional and up-to-date, IT teams must now help to ensure the safety of their students in the digital learning environment – and all within budget. For international schools in the UAE, following a UK curriculum, you’ll also be subject to meeting statutory guidance around monitoring and online safety, as outlined in the Department for Education’s Keeping Children Safe in Education.

As textbooks become apps and electronic exams replace the traditional paper predecessors, your IT support demands grow. When you’re not devising the operational responsibilities associated with technology in schools, you’re seeking advice for the strategic use of IT. Whether you’re racing from computer suite to classroom, diagnosing problems for staff and students  sometimes across multiple, disparate campuses – or tracking the status of resources on the network, support demands on your department are only set to intensify.

With so many challenges to address, how can our products help?

Impero Education Pro

Created in direct response to the challenges IT teams face in the modern learning environment, Impero Education Pro provides a host of network management features, from power management and print management to license management and computer usage monitoringDeploying an MSI and launching command prompts, at the click of a button, ensures installations and updates are distributed across groups of machines or the whole network, while inventory management helps you keep track of IT assets, and power management centralizes the control of energy usage to maintain efficiency and track savings.

We know that one incident is one too many, and when sourcing an online safety solution, the onus is often put on you. Whether your students are using school equipment on the school grounds or a cyberbullying issue takes place at home or in boarding facilities, schools need to ensure preventative measures are in place to deal with risk proactively. With keyword detection libraries, real-time monitoring, incident logging and handling, and Confide, an anonymous reporting tool, Impero Education Pro supports UAE schools to fulfil safeguarding duties.

The proliferation of mobile devices in education has fuelled a rise in 1:1 schemes and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives. These programs are particularly prominent in UAE international schools, following a British or American curriculum.  As tablets and mobile devices, from iPads to Chromebooks, become an increasingly popular tool for learner engagement, IT teams working in UAE schools are tasked with finding new solutions to help manage and monitor a growing network of devices.

Designed to work in conjunction with Education Pro, Impero EdLink helps IT teams to manage, track and protect students and their devices. It’s a flexible, cloud-based mobile device management solution which simplifies the configuration and management of both student-owned and school-owned mobile devices. Ultimately, Impero EdLink is designed to save busy IT teams masses of time by enabling application installations or updates to be pushed out to all devices, all from a centralized interface.

And with granular reports depicting device usage and online activity, IT teams can simplify mobile device management and help keep students safe – and ensure that their teaching colleagues have access to the full suite of classroom control and instruction tools, plus advanced internet safety functionality.

Impero Insight

Powered by Microsoft’s industry-leading BI engine, Impero Insight enables school IT teams to view a school’s Impero data via a comprehensive, visual dashboard. This data can be reviewed, compared or contrasted to help identify trends, such as safeguarding issues, across individual or multiple school sites – such as UAE international schools spread across disparate campuses. With granular permissions, and the ability to tailor dashboards for different staff members, using secure authentication, Impero Insight ensures that data is secure and the right staff members have access to the right information.

Using Impero Insight, IT teams can support their school in good decision-making, in line with a best practice approach, by reviewing data on a school, classroom or student basis. This ensures that policies, such as those related to internet safety or safeguarding, are being followed and any areas which require improvement can be identified and addressed quickly.


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