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Protecting your students from online predators, indecent content, the risk of radicalization and a whole host of other online threats is a key concern for counsellors working in UAE schools.

Research by ICDL Arabia found that 31% of young people had accepted instant messages from people they did not know personally, while 23% have been asked to send pictures or personal information online. And despite 81% of young people believing they are safe online, 23% agreed to meet someone who they had met online in person and 37% had stumbled across something worrying or upsetting online.

Typically the first point of contact for students at risk, you’ll be required to assess information about safeguarding issues, including internet safety risks, and determine the most appropriate response. Technology is now fully locked into education; students no longer view the online world as separate to the real world. As concerns over internet safety grow and schools are required to comply with the UAE Law on Child Rights and Adec’s Child Protection Policy, UAE school guidance counsellors are facing increased pressure to ensure their students are protected online.

our online safety partnerships

Here at Impero, we work closely with our customers, charities, and specialist organizations to ensure that we’re the first to respond to the changing internet safety and cyber security landscape. This includes making use of new technology and best practice guidance. That’s why Impero is trusted by school safeguarding staff cross UAE schools to help fulfil safeguarding obligations and keep students safe.

We’re proud that our keyword libraries have been developed in partnership with numerous expert bodies, including the IWF, Victvs, and SafeBAE, a charity co-founded by sexual assault survivors Daisy Coleman, Ella Fairon and Jada Smith, who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy.

Impero Education Pro

You’ll be no stranger to the risks your students face when working online, whether it’s exposure to indecent content, online predators, cyberbullying or, more recently, growing concerns over the radicalization of young people. As safeguarding and child protection concerns continue to rise, it becomes increasingly evident that basic blocks and filters prove an insufficient solution to online safety.

Impero Education Pro’s internet safety functionality has been developed in direct response to the changing internet safety and EdTech landscape. That’s why our integrated internet safety, classroom control and network admin software is trusted by schools across the UAE.

Using a range of intelligent monitoring tools, Education Pro’s internet safety feature is designed to provide the context around cyber safety incidents, in line with a best practice managed approach and as recommended by ISI. Monitoring, as opposed to simply blocking, provides young people the opportunity to learn how to navigate the online world safely and, ultimately, assess risk for themselves.

Keyword detection scans for when certain terms are typed anywhere on the network, including in an email, an application, search engine, URL or HTML. Our keyword detection libraries, based on adult content, bullying and trolling, eating disorders, LGBT derogatory language, race & religious hatred, radicalization, sexting, and self-harm, among others, provide school counsellors with a glossary definition of terms, acronyms and abbreviations to help put a student’s online activity, and potential risk, into context.

If the software detects these terms, or other incidents of misconduct, an automatic screenshot or video capture is taken, and this capture is assigned a severity rating. School safeguarding staff can then view this information within the wider context of a student’s behavior, so the most appropriate response can be actioned.

For UAE international schools following a British curriculum and looking to comply with the DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) guidance, we’re proud that our solution is compliant with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘appropriate monitoring’ checklist. Impero Education Pro also includes an anonymous reporting tool, as recommended by ISI, which enables students to report any concerns they have about themselves or another student to a staff member of their choice.

Impero Insight

Whether you’re looking to view safeguarding trends across an individual school or across multiple sites, such as schools spread across disparate campuses, Impero Insight provides server reporting and detailed analytics tools mold complex data into easy-to-digest visual dashboards.

An optional add-on module available with Impero Education Pro, Impero Insight enables safeguarding staff to identify safeguarding trends across single or multiple school sites. Transforming data captured by Education Pro, Impero Insight presents detailed and accurate evidence of online safety concerns into rich-visual dashboards, which can be used to identify vulnerable students and assess safeguarding issues.

A complete log of all network activity provides a detailed and accurate record of key statistical information, enabling safeguarding staff to identify online safety patterns. You can then address these issues in to inform topics for assemblies or wider PSHE style lessons, while ensuring access to the relevant support, supporting best practice and proving outstanding leadership.

As mobile devices, from iPads to Chromebooks, are rapidly adopted by schools across the UAE, counsellors are tasked with finding ways to protect students using mobile devices to support learning. Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS, Impero EdLink is designed to be used alongside Impero Education Pro to enable UAE schools to support BYOD and 1:1 programs, while protecting students and their devices.

IT teams are afforded an array of tools to control student-owned and school-owned mobile devices by managing access to content and enabling/disabling settings, as per your school’s acceptable use policies. This centralized approach to MDM serves to keep students protected from the myriad risks of working online when using mobile devices to enable learning, supports successful mobile device integration, and helps to realize the benefits of mobile learning.

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