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Reach British School, the best British curriculum school in Abu Dhabi, opened its doors to over 400 students in 2014 and has grown quickly to over 1000 students since. Part of the International School Partnership, Reach British School prides itself on providing a well-rounded education, including specialised buildings with swimming pools, libraries, art rooms and ICT suites.


Before Impero Education Pro, Reach British School had recently installed new ICT suites and were looking for management solutions. Students were often savvy with iPhones and iPads, but when it came to PCs, they found it challenging to use these Window devices. The ICT Teacher implemented a free program to try and manage these devices in the classroom, however its interface was described as “fiddly and not-user friendly”. This drove the search for a reliable classroom management solution.


The ICT Teacher at Reach British School reached out to a former colleague in the United Kingdom and asked for recommendations about what to use to manage and control its devices in the classroom. After being recommended Impero Education Pro, the Reach British School trialled Impero Education Pro on its own network and soon purchased the software.


Despite being a new school and the network infrastructure at Reach British School still being tested, Impero Education Pro was implemented quickly across the network. The Reach British School also worked with the support team to solve an issue with its IP address changing every day, which was solved swiftly and up and running.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Reach British School has realised a variety of benefits, such as:

Improved student behaviour – With live thumbnail views, students understand they’re being monitored which deters them from accessing online games and keeps them on the task at hand.

Showcase exemplary work – Using the broadcast screen functionality teachers can broadcast a student’s exemplary work to the rest of the class, where they can discuss the approach and quality of the work produced.

Saves time – Used during almost every lesson, the power management functionality helps to power on and shut down all the machines with the click of a button, allowing the lesson to start more quickly and smoothly.

Q&A with Paul Grange, ICT Teacher

How has Impero Education Pro simplified managing your lessons?

One of the best things is obviously the ability to view and control the students’ screens and their web access. We can easily simplify things for a student and focus on the learning rather than using the devices – it really helps to hit the ground running! It’s also great to see what students have been doing during the lesson. We can take a screenshot of their good work and send this home to their parents with a note – it’s great being able to actively show what they’ve done in class.

We also really like the block and allow lists. We can see which websites students are trying to access regularly such as gaming sites, and add these to the block list which immediately restricts access. Additionally, if we only want students to access one website, we’d have to contact the Head Technician to lock this down, which would affect the whole school. Now we can simply allow a website for a select group of students.

How does Impero Education Pro help focus learning?

Alongside being able to upload and open documents, being able to push an application out is invaluable. It used to take some time to get the whole class to open an application like Powerpoint and select the correct file for the lesson. This is true especially for younger students who found this challenging. Now at the press of a button, we can roll out any application or program students need open for the lesson.

Another one of my favourite features is the broadcast screen functionality; I can broadcast my screen straight onto theirs, which works so much better than the students having to look at the big screen. We have a much higher percentage of students engaged when it’s directly in front of them.

How would you describe the Impero support team?

I have no complaints whatsoever! There’s no queue, someone is always working with us directly, remoting onto our network when necessary. If anything we’re probably slowing down the process, rescheduling to a time that’s convenient for us, they’re very helpful!

How would you sum up Impero?

It streamlines everything you do and it empowers the teacher. It’s just an efficient, reliable and sturdy tool.

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