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King Abdulaziz University is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ranked as one of the top Arab universities in 2016 by the Times Higher Education and with more than 180,000 full and part-time students, the university continues to grow in size and popularity.


With increasing numbers of students came a growing number of computer labs, and keeping control of all the new machines was becoming a challenge. The Faculty of Engineering was seeking a more effective way to support and maintain the computers within the faculty to ensure that facilities available to students were kept in good condition and that student learning remained focused.

The faculty was also seeking a way to make digital learning more interactive for students (helping to maintain its high level reputation), and wanted to utilize technology to do this.


A team of professors within the faculty set about researching a viable solution for the classroom and network management challenges. After reviewing a number of options, Impero Education Pro was selected due to its ability to handle large
classroom sizes through its server-based setup. Other solutions considered were classroom-based so could only support a maximum of around 50 students.

Impero Education Pro’s comprehensive range of network and classroom management tools were also a factor in the decision, giving the faculty the ability to support computers remotely and enhance interaction with students through a range of classroom control tools.


The software was installed remotely by Impero’s UK-based technical team on a date to suit the faculty’s IT team. The Impero Server application was installed on a network server and the Impero Client application rolled out to all computers within the department of Mechanical Engineering, with the system up-and-running in no time.



Since implementing Impero Education Pro, King Abdulaziz University has realised a variety of benefits, such as:

easy classroom management – simple, one-click tools allow instructors to quickly control areas such as internet access, printing and sound to keep lessons focused. It is also easy to run quick polls or surveys to gauge students’ understanding of a topic. effective digital testing environments – the ability to lock down internet access, restrict students to specific sites or block access to certain applications ensures digital test environments can be set up in seconds.

save money on equipment – the ability to share the instructor’s monitor with the whole class removes the need for projectors and large screens in teaching rooms, saving on expenses. Power management functionality prevents computers being left on outside class hours, saving on energy costs.

increased security – Logging all machines off with one click at the end of a lesson ensures personal data is kept secure and devices are ready for the next class.


Q&A with Haitham Bogis, Assistant Professor

why did you choose Impero Education Pro over other products?

The software could cope with our larger class sizes due to its serverbased application. It also contained all of the functionality we needed to more effectively manage our computer labs.

how did you find the installation process?
Really easy – it was all done remotely and the technical team from Impero were really professional. Everything was up-and-running in no time.

what are your future plans for Impero Education Pro?
I am coordinating with the IT team in the Faculty of Engineering to use Impero across all computer labs within the faculty – currently we’re only using it within Mechanical Engineering labs. Hopefully this will soon change.