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Safer Internet Day – best Resources to encourage young people to be safe on the internet

7th February 2017

the day

We can’t believe it is this time already… a whole 365 days have passed since last year’s Safer Internet Day! Time seems to fly in the technological world, from new devices to new pieces of software and now with a new Internet Safety Day message! ‘Be the change: unite for a better internet’.

the stats

But before we delve into the top tips to help encourage this change, we have collated some key facts and figures which might just help provide an insight into young people’s behaviour online:


the change

Let’s talk social media. As the figures show, platforms like these are used by a staggering amount of young people and, despite having their benefits, these can often have a dark side; a side that leaves young people exposed and vulnerable.

This year’s Safer Internet Day is therefore a key player in empowering young people to not only have a positive experience and be safe on the internet but also to become part of this change by inspiring others.

Of course, it isn’t just young people’s responsibility to spread the word, which is why the UK Safer Internet Centre encourage the following actions to help aid this change:


Here at Impero, we understand that encouraging young people to be safe on the internet is something that happens every day. That’s why we have partnered with Victvs to develop Impero iSafeguard, a CPD accredited online training hub designed to help all school staff stay clued-up when it comes to safeguarding issues. Designed with convenience in mind, Impero iSafeguard covers all of the mandatory topics outlined in Keeping Children Safe in Education, and is accessible 24/7 and 365 days of the year, so staff can complete modules at a time which suits them.

To book a free demo of Impero i-Safeguard simply fill out this quick form!

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