7 Impero Education Pro features that schools are thankful for this year


One of the most anticipated foods of the Thanksgiving dinner is pie. Pumpkin, apple, pecan, cherry…all are delectable desserts that top off the holiday eating extravaganza, but everyone has their particular favorite. Just like pie, Impero Education Pro software comes with flavored with hundreds of delicious features. Here are some favorites that schools across the US have told us they’re thankful for:

  1. Remote management of technology trouble tickets

At Ignacio School District in Ignacio, Colorado, the IT staff is grateful that Impero Education Pro allows them to fix trouble tickets without having to travel to different school buildings. With a small staff it is imperative that the technology staff is efficient. The ability to remotely fix issues gives the tech team flexibility, and keeps from disrupting class time for students and teachers.

  1. Remote device power on and off

The IT staff at Eureka Springs School District in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is thankful for the energy saving functions of Education Pro. Being able to schedule the powering on and off all devices in each school has helped the district to save money on energy costs. In addition, the ability to power down computers remotely helps with energy savings during snow days and other unexpected school closings.

  1. Remote screen projection

The Community Schools of Frankfort, in Frankfort, Indiana is thankful for Impero’s screen projection features. The this feature allows the teacher to project her monitor classroom whiteboard or SMARTboard directly from Education Pro, eliminating the need for separate software for classroom projectors. Also with this feature, the teacher can bring up a student’s monitor for all the class to see, showcasing good work. To keep classes on task, the teacher screen can be projected onto all student devices.

  1. Remote software installation

Debbie Bracken, The Director of Technology at the Community Schools of Frankfort praised Education Pro’s ability to allow simultaneous installation of new software to new devices. The IT staff is able to push out MSIs to several machines at one time from a single control panel, saving significant time for the IT team.

  1. Customized internet and applications per class

Teachers at Longview Independent School District in Longview, Texas benefit from the ability to customize students’ online experience by class. With this feature of Education Pro, when a student logs in on a device in a particular class, they see only the tools needed for that class. For example, a technology education instructor may set up her elementary students with access only to one website and no software applications because of their lack of ability to navigate themselves. For the same instructor’s higher classes, he may provide the students with access to several applications and full internet, depending on the needs for a particular lesson.

  1. Instant messaging

Because of Education Pro’s instant messaging feature, teachers and students at Gates County Schools in North Carolina are able to communicate more effectively. Teachers there report that they’re able to help students with questions without the sometimes intimidating act of raising a hand and asking out loud. Additionally, using the instant messaging feature along with Impero’s built in teacher dashboard with live thumbnails of students’ screens allows the teacher to privately redirect a student who may be venturing off topic while online in class.

  1. Screenshots of online activity

Gates County Schools IT managers reported being thankful for Impero’s screenshot feature. This function flags potentially harmful or misguided activity, creates an instant image of the screen, and sends an alert to administrators for further investigation. Gates County has been able to better keep students safe since using this helpful technology.

Impero is thankful for schools

During this time of gratitude expression, Impero would like to extend thanks to all of the schools across the United States who continue to utilize Education Pro for network, classroom, and internet safety management. Impero’s passion is providing software that supports productive classrooms, supported networks, and safer students. We appreciate all of our clients, partners, and supporters, and staff who make helping in education possible. Thank you!

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